Yoga Workshop

Yoga Workshop
We had a wonderful day organised by Melanie, on Saturday 14 January held at Tipps Cross Hall.  The Teacher was Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati, and the class was entitled Intergrating the Chakras into your Practice.   The yoga poses were kept simple so that all students whatever their ability could easily participate, we learned the positions of the Chakras and the colours associated with them but I found learning the sanskrit names  quite challenging.  Time went by so quickly and all at once it was time for lunch, provided of course by Leon Lewis.   A vegitarian feast if ever I saw one, and a time to talk to friends old and new, the wonderful thing about yoga is that the people who practice it are of a similar spirit, friendly sympathetic and non-judgemental of others lifestyle.  The day finnished with a discussion about yoga and the benefits and further breathing practice.   We left at about 4.00pm all refreshed and ready to face the world again. Look at  the pictures and you will see what I mean

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