Mushroom Hunt

Hunting for Mushrooms
Sunday 22 January 2006 was a very different kind of day, We went on a Mushroom Hunt with Leon Lewis Vegitarian cook and cookery writer.  We met at 11am and went to Childerditch in search of Oyster Mushrooms, they were growing high on the bark of the Silver Birch trees, and we managed to get a lot down with the aid of a big stick, see photos!   Then we went to South Weald Park and collected a few Winter Mushrooms but mostly Jews Ears, see photos again well they don’t look very appertising do they.   There were plenty of these about and we nearly filled the basket.   It was a beautiful day blue sky but cold perfect for a walk in the park, and to give us an appertite.
We took the mushrooms back to Leons’ Kitchen where we helped prepare them whilst snacking on delicious starters, and drinking his very fine wine.  The mushrooms were soon prepared and cooked and served to us along with other vegetarian dishes, the flavours were magnificent and the visual appearence of the food quite spectacular, there was more than enough food and as it was sooooo delicious we eat more than we should have, and had no room for dessert so the deserts were packed in boxes for us to take away, along with plenty of savoury left overs to stock my lunch boxes for a good few days.  I stocked up the larder with all kinds of godies from Leons sales room, and now I am quite inspired to be more imaginative and adventurous in my cooking.   Thank you Leon we will hunt for mushrooms with you again soon!

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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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3 Responses to Mushroom Hunt

  1. India says:

    Hi there. Came to say hello and wish you a happy weekend. Take care ^S^

  2. papa says:

    Great mushroom hunt!!
    Food for free rocks

  3. shroomy says:

    hi susan, just my idea of a little joke hun …. i grow my own … he he he
    love Shroomy xxx

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