Tales form the Allotment

The Allotment
When Allotments were advertised in the Parrish Magazine we dedided to take one, mainly to get more exercise and lots of fresh friut and veg for the family.  At the begining of March we went to the site to view our new project, it was a cold and windy day and the rain was falling in stair-rods! Are we mad I asked Peter he nodded and said what is new!  The alotment size is 55 ft x 16 ft in imperial, which looked hughe on this dull grey day, two deer suddenly appeared from nowhere bounding across the field a beautiful sight but they looked mighty hungry to me.   Well we joined the local Horticutural Society and went to visit ‘The Shed’ for advice we were given a seed and plant catalogue from which we immeadialty over ordered, how are the two of us going to eat 75 sweet corn well that is assuming they all grow and we are not feeding the local population of wild life.
We have now planted 21 raspberrys canes, and nine fruit bushes consisting or black & Red currants and goosberrys.  I was chatting to the farm worker who was installing the water system, and asked him about the deer, he showed me the anti-deer fence he was installing it was about 4ft high, I asked him if they could jump higher than that ( I am sure Bambi did in the film) no he said with a knowing smile that will be ok but its the rabbits you need to worry about!  well more next month, take a look at the pictures.

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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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22 Responses to Tales form the Allotment

  1. AJ says:

    Hiya Susan, thanks so much for your comment!  Oh and no space is ever ‘not interesting’ as it tells so much about the individual!  Keep up the good work on here and I must say, it’s lovely to see people growing things!  Too many people don’t bother and it is such a shame.  Mind you, I struggle to keep houseplants alive yet alone anything else however my herbs are doing brilliantly!   Any hints and tips greatly appreciated ;o)  You will have to post a picture your kitty so I  can check out the resemblance to my little girl!
    Tracy x

  2. ellen says:

    hi susan,thought i’d come on this blog ,being as i’m talking bout allotments,lol,sounds like you have your hands full then with ur likkle darlins?at least mine was spaced out,not close together in ages, lol,well we should be goin allotments saturday morning,to do more planting ,but it does not look very promising weather wise does it?we want to get the parnips in,and also make the frames for the dwarf beans,the string beans site is in situ already,lol,well must go again now have fun on yours also,,,,,p.s,if you go on (bigmomma) site her addy is on mine,or her other space,(sharon)click on there she will have some guestbook signs for you to look at, or she will make one,thought i wud let you know that,lol,take care,cuddsxx

  3. Minuteman says:

    cudds what are you doing on here talking about fecking parsnips and me only talking to you a wee while ago about more ‘productive planting’.Bang head against the wall i will!xx

  4. Minuteman says:

    hi ,lovely space,excellent and niceeeeeeeeeee music x

  5. Minuteman says:

    sorry susan,got my silly  head on today.love you space and it’s  refreshing reading  your blogs.I’ll be back to see how the growing is coming on.Om Shanti  xx

  6. Minuteman says:

    hi susan sooooo nice to hear from you .So you daughter grows ‘tomatoes’interesting,very interesting.As for me, well i’m just your run of the mill,pill popping,sniffing,eye bulging drug crazed maniac but don’t let that put you off conversation?Honestly, i am joking.Got an interest in all things Pagan and the connection between hallucinogenic substances and ancient mans(womens)religious experiences hence why my space is akin to an illegal  pharmacists den.That’s not to say i never you know?Lovely hearing from you.Keep digging and ‘growing’.Pop over any time you want,usually have a kettle on ,so you can chill out,have a ‘smoke’play a few games if your bored and take a ‘trip’if you fancy going out.See your into yoga?Another interest of mine.Done Raj Yoga,Hatha Yoga ,Transcendental Meditation,dipped into Zen Buddhism and other various disiplines.Was on a God trip for years,you know, trying to find myself.Only one i really took to was Buddhism.As for now i can with all honesty say i am a Pagan and this is what i feel comfortable with and when i think of it probably always have.Om Shanti xxx 

  7. ellen says:

    ohh shadow, cudds never thought for one minute she wud find you in the allotment site,lol,the mushrooms one with shroomy then yes,lol,Sorry Susan hi,to you also,didn’t mean to be ignorant there,but i have to keep an eye on my mates,shroomy an shadow,lol,well i never even got up the allotment after all,laid up in bed more like, with very sore throat i was,so will be next wkend before i can get up there again,still not to worry,things can wait,well must go now susan,i’ll pop back soon to see you,cuddsxx

  8. Minuteman says:

    well what a surprise,a visit from Mother Earth and she didnt even stop for a cup of ‘herbal’ tea .Ah well,nice to have you visit  my world Susan.I called earlier to have an update on your growing and NOTHING!We needs a blog to read we does.I’ll be back AND we needs something to read.Hugs xxx

  9. Minuteman says:

    silly me i forgot,Raj Yoga is mental yoga,same as meditation,the difference being in Raj Yoga you have to keep your eyes open.Difficult but very rewarding.xxx   

  10. Minuteman says:

    just to let you know and if its ok with you i’ll link you on my space.Om Shanti xxx

  11. Minuteman says:

    thats cool Susan,i will read it,looks very interesting.xx

  12. ellen says:

    hi Susan,you feel free to come on mine any time to off load as you call it,lol,i’m also a good listener,lol,as for the women keep well clear,it was the same in the factory where i worked,i just never got involved with petty tiffs,true arguements yes thats a difo thing?,lol,lifes to short to spend it looking over your shoulder,lol,well must go again now,got to go round daughters to clean,chat soon ,cuddsxx

  13. Minuteman says:

    hi susan,mmmmmm never thought about my image,let me get back to you on that.xx

  14. shroomy says:

     Image….. pmsl …  *trying very hard to keep a straight face*  oh yes shadow you have an image to keep up don’t you, but whatever that is merlin only knows !
    hi cudds, fancy seeing you here … hehe
    Hi susan , nearly mushroom growing time … much nicer than tomatoes i think… unless your daughter knows otherwise eh ?
    *waves to all the nice ‘normal ‘ people as she leaves*
    *waves to the drug crazy nutter aswell*

  15. Minuteman says:

    dont you listen to her susan,she doesnt likes us ”normal’ people,doesnt like getting her hands dirty she doesnt. ‘drug crazed nutter’ indeed,have you ever stopped to think what this could do to my reputation, you throwing wild allegations about?the effect this could have on my family,my home,my friends,of course you haven’t fecker!i expect a full apology and i expect it a.s.a.p!sorry susan its wrong of me to bring my problems on here but SHE does make one angry.i need something to steady my nerves.ANYONE GOT ANY DRUGS ON THEM?xxx

  16. shroomy says:

    tut tut tut …. see what i mean susan ??
    *waves on her way out *
    *note  no apology*

  17. Minuteman says:

    twice susan!
    do NOT worry about it,
    once is never enough.
    well soooo glad you are still with us.mixing with alleged drug fiends.what ever will the good peoples of Churchwood think?
    hi shroomy,*waves to the fecker*
    visit again susan and bring a comfy cushion.got something for you to try?
    the only ones for me are the MAD ones*looking at shroomy*
    bye digthis,  big hugs xxx

  18. ellen says:

    well susan life will never be quite in here again ,lol,aint my mates loverly,lol,but dont you be getting up to non of their antics girlie,defo leave the drink alone,lol,and wait till abby comes along,cudds is very suprised she aint popped in yet to pay you a visit,lol,well must go,thanx for your good wishes for our 40th,will let you know how things went,take care susan,cuddsxx

  19. Minuteman says:

    dont you just love cudds,her thinking your on the demon drink,he he!kava kava root, now that is something one should drink,no hangover,no smell on the breath AND  its all legal.life can be sooooo interesting at times but one has to encourge the interest!As Dylan Thomas said:
    do not go gently into that good night
    old age should burn and rave at close of day
    rage rage against the dying of the light
    hope all is well with you susan(you need a guest book quick!)
    love the flowers.

  20. ellen says:

    cudds sneaks in to have a nosy,cos she knew shadow had popped in here,goodness me shroomy he’s spurting poetry at us now,cudds knew she wud learn somat having this putor ,lol,and boy is she learning,lol,,hey susan see wot cudds means, thats another told you to get that guest book sorted girlie,come on now,this allotment page will be full ,an we aint even  done no planting yet,cudds gis a likkle wink as she quitely goes back out the door,pmsl now.

  21. ellen says:

    cudds popped in, to see the cucumber shroomy was on about, but cant find it anywhere?now come on susan tell cudds what shes missing,where have you hidden it,lol,

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