The Allotment in June

Well I’m sure you all want to know how eveything is growing, but first I want to make a few comparisons, the first picture was taken in May
And the second one was taken Mid June
 The Time difference is about 9 weeks, it is an overview of the whole site.  Initially we did work quite hard (well hubbs did) clearing the site of weeds and digging in all the good stuff to make it grow, and planting the seeds.   The spuds were the hardest work, now we weed weekly and water about twice a week and collect the produce.   At the moment courgetts are exploding into marrows over night and I have enought spinach to keep popeye fit for anything.
This picture was taken at the end of May
 And this one taken at the end of June,  just four weeks later.
 Now two weeks on we have picked the first Beans and they are delicious.   
I am writing this not just  because I am so pleased with what we have achieved, but to say ‘What a Wonderful World’  and how lucky we are to live in a fertile country, although we mock the weather here in UK, we should be thankfull we do not suffer like many poorer regions of the world.  So let us thank ‘Whoever’ that we are so fortunate, Mother Nature, God, The Godess.  You can add who you like to the list,  I am happy to be here and I count my blessings.
Please look at the photo albums. Suki

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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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12 Responses to The Allotment in June

  1. Magick says:

    Yeahhhhhhh….new pictures.  Your garden looks so scrumptious.  Everything is growing well and looks so green and healthy.  I love fresh veggies from the garden.  Unfortunately I can’t have a veggie garden anymore…I sure miss it.  I do have a few tomatoes and chives and parsley…that’s it…lol.

  2. Marie says:

    Both of you are doing an excellent job.  The garden is looking great and the potatoes look delicious.
    Hugs, Marie

  3. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hello to you,
    thanks for popping in to read my page. Pleased that you like the sound of the recipe too. Please pop back often and thanks for linking to my page.
    And as for your news…wow, what I could do with all of those lovely vegetables. Everything looks wonderful…
    take care,
    Kind regards
    Kate (Coffee With Kate)

  4. Magick says:

    I just noticed that one of your favourite quotes is also one of my favourites…I have it in my profile…lol.
    Haven’t been blogging for a few days…thought I would pop around and say hello to everyone.

  5. Magick says:

    LOL…yes, that David guy is older than you and me.  And no, I don’t mind at all that you borrowed my quote.  I also put that sort of thing out there to help people. 

  6. Project says:

    Wow! What a fabulous garden..reminiscent of our own family’s produce plots…and looks a lot like Idaho..we’re farmers and it’s growning like mad…about 30% faster than normal…extra water has been good for us.
    And yes honey, I’m actually a couple hundred years old or so, but have false documents depicting a reasonable age….something I learned from illegal immigrants here…the English back around 1600 something…I was getting forgetful even then I see.
    I wish I could get out of here alive..but since not so at this date, I’m staying another hundred or two until I can get that working on it for sure…in real life…but quietly, and consequently, not rapid progress as yet….most want to leave anyway they can and are not making good "live forever" partners….I’m hoping for better of course.
    So spinach?…yuck!…I do love it fresh however…just not the limp seaweed form of "cooked"…and I see an easy salad in your pics…see any ragamuffin thieves in your neighborhood?…you might if they see all that.

  7. Project says:

    Well, "paleoamerican" is my site’s address name from an old .com site I had years ago.."old, older, oldest , american"…I think "first one" basically Irish..globalist indeed. Hundreds is a nice compliment..and yes, I do feel younger than I am.
    But Dr. Who?..I’ve heard of him..a character in a story right?..with a movie?…have not seen, read or heard discussion of him and don’t know why or what a sonic screwdriver is  for…but I’ll take one if you got a cheap utility model..try it out on regular stuff.
    And frankly, I have a vision of living another thousand years..and I’m sticking with English…and not going allow other up-start languages to appear…gradually phase out the ones that exist…and improve all the verbs…maybe do some work on adjectives also…that should take about two hundred years by itself…..overthrowing the planet is not easy…they struggle against it and it’s slow going.
    …..But thanks for the compliment on my blogs..not much but text..and am trying to tell a shocking story that’s true..and in progress…global warming has my most concern right behind the mid-east conflict..which is number one thing in the world right now.
    Magic is concerned, but Blair and Bush and the Prime Minister of Canada are a good team to protect us all from their explosion…we are hooked together by buttons….and buttonholes of course….and..thank God for us…we all speak English.
    And a tid-bit…"" displayed paleolithic tools reputed to be made by the so-called "Boat Builders" that Alan Alda refers to in a Scientific Frontiers series on the oldest humans  yet.
    He shows several of the artifacts and calls them "rare and valuable"..his last show (they cancelled the series), he said "There is not thought to be more than three thousand examples of these tools on the planet"….and I displayed 10,000 on my internet site and have the bulk of the output of an ancient quarry..maybe 200,000 pieces…Most are complete bi-faces…giant ones like Alan had in his hand…..and the quarry sits out there now exposed (by me on my site..maps, everything)..and protected…it’s pristine from the top down and fairly thick…millions and millions of examples are buried as they fell at that place..
    So these are woodworking tools as per "D.E.Tyler, "Paleolithic American" and other books on the group…the first humans for sure….but anyway…a world treasure is in my house in boxes…tons of this "rare and valuable" rock….carved rock however…and yes…my government and I have fully discussed whether or not I own my "inherited" rocks from my great-grandfather…yes… carefull about selling them on eBay..which I was…one at a time…for a year…amidst giant controversy.
    All that was years before Alda’s exposure on Nova,  and that was stopped’s said that the carved pieces are millions of years old…Alda said "2 1/4 million years ago….." the last show they let him talk..cancelled instantly….
    So heck honey…we have those for sale should you hear of anybody interested…no government dorks please though..they are far removed from real issues…be sure you get them to get cash-in-hand before they even talk..qualify them.
    Get a good price for all, I want lots, you want lots…that’s a small fortune to either of us when you double what?..five million dollar?…I know I need 2 1/2 million for my share…I got large family (Irish you know).

  8. ellen says:

    lookin real good now suki aint it,your allotment,see hubby has worked real hard there,and you have of course?and yes i also had probs with msn,could not get on internet neither ,ohh my gosh nearly died,if they take that way from me ggrrr,lol,well keep up the good work see you soon my mate,cuddsxx

  9. Magick says:

    Hiya Susan:  Thanks for the nice comments on my garden….it’s small, but I love it.  I had a huge garden when I had a house; but at least I have some flowers to tend.  It’s just the best feeling there is…puttering in the garden.
    Honey in warm milk sounds delicious and it’s probably very soothing.  I will definitely give that a try.
    This heat is terrible…I like it to be sunny, but not so hot that you can’t bear to go outside.  I sure hope it ends soon.  It must be really bad there if it’s melting the roads.
    Try to stay cool and I’ll talk to you soon.

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