Goodbye Mitten
Sadly we said goodbye to Mitten today, she had not been well for a couple of days, and hid herself behind the summer-house last night, but we found her and brought her in.   She hid under the table, and took little food and water, the weather was so hot we put the fan on to keep her cool,  but at 5.15 today she gave up and went to that great kitty house in the sky where the birds and mice are easy to catch.
She was at least sixteen could have been more, we cannot remember, but she came from a rescue centre along with her brother. 
See previous blog about them both.
We will miss you little Mitten!

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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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9 Responses to Mitten

  1. Magenta says:

    I have lost aged animal companions myself and sorry for your loss. I am sure she will be waiting in heaven for you. When I lost my kitties I could feel their  spirit presence for a few days after they died.

  2. shroomy says:

    awwww i popped in to see how you was suki and saw this… i am really sorry hun, hope you are ok 1
    see i can be nice sometimes eh ?
    love scarey Shroomy xxx

  3. Project says:

    That is sad about mittens..I’ve lost many pets over the years and missed them all…but yes..the place "in the sky" is real…as a scientific mind I can visualize the mechanics of the place that’s here and there at the same time…but tried to explain it and gave anyway..and went with the "string theory" description for now..but more for sure…and…Jesus explained it perfectly and his demonstrations are convincing of his statements of facts…Peter didn’t understand or believe but I do…period…poor guy.
    As for site that discuss the oldest humans and their boat-building tools..forget it..all churches and scientific "organizations" refuse to allow any discussion or offerings….however..D.E.Tyler wrote extensively on them and you can get his books at on the culture and skeleton studies..he should know..he did them with Robson Bonnechson, the director now at the University of Oregon..he disdains the subject like a good little boy that he was at the time of thier refusal to accept forensic studies that he and Tyler did..60 years ago.
    So Tyler refused and took pics of the ran. He wrote multiple books and was banned from all government sponsored positions for all his life..but wrote anyway though nobody would 1999 took a chance..and Nova ran it in a five-part series that cancelled at three when he (Alan Alda) said "2 1/4 million years old"…and boom!…Gone forever..he won’t even comment now and I’m not sure if Scientific Frontiers will release copies of the shows..I doubt it as they denied knowledge of shows we all other open conspiracy…The US is great at that.
    So try "Paleolithic American…boat builders of eight million years ago"…D.E.Tyler, at read for sure.
    So I have the bulk of the output of an unknown (until I revealed it) site in the Basin..pristine and untouched until recently..but still avoiding the "official" studies of Tyler’s site 4 miles from there…’s ten feet deep with artifacts that shapes timbers into square many unknown usage items and I have around 40 tool forms and dozens or hundreds of examples of each…and heavy they are…dense lava (the material) is obsidian with some gasses in it..slightly dull compared to the shiney density of obsidian itself.
    I might add a picture change at a time to demonstrate to a careful watcher..starting with an obsidian piece from the bottom of the mound..a badger dug it out..very pretty and looks fairly modern..but cannot be so…it would be one of the absolute oldest examples for will put that one up for you today…check it out.

  4. Project says:

    Opps..took that pic out of files..substituted a larger piece (8 by 4..two pounds) until I can get the oldest piece re-entered into files..tonight.

  5. Project says:

    ppss..Yes…TV?…seldom and only news and educational stuff..will check out "Dr. Who"…have recalled hearing the name since.

  6. shroomy says:

    BLIMEY …..
    pmsl… well i kinda lost the plot there, forgot what i was going to say… eerrrr i’ll go off and think about it suki….
    *points her head over her shoulder and raises eyebrow at david as he takes a deep breath ready to start again*
    ok i’m off now … sorry to interupt… carry on david…
    *grins at suki as she runs off giggling*

  7. Magenta says:

    Thanks for visikting my space and I’ll be looking for those pictures you are going to post.
    Take care,

  8. AJ says:

    Hiya Suki, I am so sorry to hear about Mitten.  I know as a cat lover how hard it is so my love & thoughts are with you. 
    Thanks loads for your comments.  I have been about but have not been involved too much due to various things going on.  But am now back!  I think!  I agree with the stars point.  If calculated correctly they can be pretty spot on but the general ones are just that….general!
    As far as the Pagan thing goes, it will be something I will start work on.  I am doing it because sometimes, it gets very confusing for the beginner as there are so many facets.  I hope to try and take the mystery out of it.  So soon, I shall kind of create a ‘Beginners Guide’ for those who are interested and link it to my space.  I’ll let you know when it is up and running and if there is anything I haven’t included that you are interested in, please do let me know ‘cos I am bound to miss something!
    Take care and speak to you soon.
    Tracy x

  9. Magick says:

    I’m so sorry that you have lost your "Mitten".  She looks like a very sweet cat.  She’s gone to the "Rainbow Bridge" where she will be waiting for you.
    I lost a cat last year…..she was 21 years old and with me that whole time.  It’s very hard….they become like your children.

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