The Gibberd Garden

An Unusual Garden
I recently visited this garden in Harlow Essex, which belonged to Sir Frederik Gibberd

SIR FREDERICK GIBBERD produced a wide variety of architectural and landscaping projects, including Heathrow Airport, Liverpool Catholic Cathedral, Regent’s Park Central Mosque and the landscape design of the Kielder Reservoir. 

In 1946 he was appointed master-planner for Harlow New Town, and his original plan for the town is regarded by many as his greatest achievement. Sir Frederick lived in Harlow from 1956 to his death in 1984, and during the latter years of his life he and the present Lady Gibberd developed the Garden and installed many works of sculpture, pots and architectural salvage.

 This is an unuual garden not dedicated to flowers, but settings to display the sculpture, it is a wonderful garden for a family visit as there is plenty of space for children to run about, and it is not crowded either.   Visit it if you can it is well worth it, but only open three afternoons a week.   Take a look at some of the sculptures in the photo album


Suki x



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One Response to The Gibberd Garden

  1. William says:

    Hi, love those garden pictures………….I’ve fallen down on the job, but have been enjoying the fruits of my… labor……….it is a joy……….but alas the summer heat is bearing down, and the blossoms will not come…….yet we are floating in tomatoes for now…….lol.
    Thank you so much for stopping in………
    I remain

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