A few weeks ago we visited the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew.   The gardens cover 300 acres and are home to over 40,000 plants, 40 listed buildings and a wealth of unique history.   The autumn colours this year are the best I have seen for ages.

Kew is right on the Heathrow flight path


We visited the Victorian Palm House, with its wrought iron spiral stair case which leads to a viewing gallery.


The orchids in the Princess of Wales Conservatory were stunningly beautiful.


If you get the opportunity do go and visit, you will not see it all in a day, it takes forty minutes to walk the length of the garden but you can view it all from the Kew Explorer 

See more pictures in the album  

I hope you have enjoyed your visit 

Suki x



About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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9 Responses to Kew

  1. Longfella says:

    Looks a marvellous place and I just know you enjoyed the new things you saw. Good to share it with you

  2. Dusty says:

    Yes thanks – I DID enjoy my visit – looks fab……..and great photos too.  Loved the orchid.

  3. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki X,
    Absolutely, love your photo’s, I can see the passion you have  within you, when you take these photos.
    Yeah, the birds do eat well, but they look, and sound  fantastic.

  4. shroomy says:

     Good morning Suki… Heyyyy you should have said you was going to kew sooner… you could have popped in for a coffee.. or tea and biscuits if you prefer .. i’m only l0 minutes up the road from kew !!  Its beautiful there isn’t it ?
    Hope you are well, i’m not sleeping too well at the moment so i havn’t been around much but i’m feeling a little more energetic today as i actually managed to get a whole five and a half hours sleep last night, thats good for me !!
    Catch you soon , love Shroomy xXx

  5. Peter says:

    Hey Susan,
                     I bounced your ball through my space and let your man walk through to help him on his way!!
    Yogi’s little cousin, Peter…..

  6. Coffee With Kate says:

    I loved the visit and I loved the music, but my real purpose is that I have been requested to pass on the love. I have included the entire text by way of explenation
    Hugs from Africa. xxx
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    Hugs from Africa.

  7. shroomy says:

    awwwww thanks Suki, What a little gem you are… i have put it in my favourites and will certainly have a good look into it.
    Great song… yeah fantastic, i’m not religous thats no secret but i have loved that song since… well for a long time, it brings back loadsa really good memories. I have it on video and tried to host it so i could put it on here for you but it wouldn’t let me.. grrrrr. oh well never mind i spose if you really wanted it you could google for it, i expect they would have it  🙂
     Thanks once again Suki, i really do apreciate you taking the time to try and help  xXx

  8. William says:

    Rasberries this time of year, what a treat.  The garden pictures are a excellent treat for th eyes.  Reminds me I need to get out and about some, but the work load goes thru the roof this time of year, busy, busy.  Also, out fall here in the south, was the most georgous I remember in the past 6-7 years, the colors were bright, and lasted many weeks. 
    Chat later
    I remain

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