Now Playing Enya


My Life goes on in endless song

Above earth’s lamentations,

I hear the real, through far-off hymn

that hails a new creation.


Through all the tumult and the strife

I hear it’s music ringing,

It sounds and echo in my soul,

How can I keep from singing?


When tyrants tremble in their fear

and hear their death knell ringing,

when friends rejoice both far and near

how can I keep from singing?


In prison cell and dungeon vile

our thoughts to them are winging,

when friends by shame are undefiled

how can I keep from singing?  


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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20 Responses to Now Playing Enya

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the return visit Suki. Pop by anytime! Nice relaxing tune btw 😀

  2. Dusty says:

    Another great blog Suki – yes, I love this track too.
    (love the fancy title)
    ……nice one………

  3. John says:

    thx for accepting the invite 😀

  4. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Yeah great track, love all good music, nice lyrics.
    Thanks for the congrats, Mother and baby doing fine.  ( Laia Jovana )
    Put the fence back up. again, after been blown away, thought I might have lost some birds in the storms, but all well.
    Hope all is well at Churchwood.
     keep on Rocking,

  5. shroomy says:

    Lovely song again suki… feck you’re getting good  😉
    Where are you making your lovely glitter signs if you don’t mind me asking … oh feck it sounds like i’m always after something from you !
    Hope you had a lovely weekend … ohhhh monday again, feck i hate mondays  ;-(
    Love Shroomy xXx

  6. Sheena's says:

    I can only add my comment as ditto… eveyone else’s …..fantastic track….sooo relaxing…I’m dropping off!!….CU SHeena….

  7. John says:

    Hee hee, lesson 3 for me 😀

  8. Osin says:

    Is this the Pete Seeger song?
    I like its gospel aura..
    Good luck Suki.

  9. John says:

    I think the cosmic surgery probably has a 100% success rate…lol. Hope the day sees you well 😀

  10. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  I love Enya….I have one of her CD’s and I play it constantly.

  11. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hello from Africa,
    yes I agree with Dusty, it is a lovely track. Hope the garden allotment is doing well. I have got loads of healthy herbs growing as well as lettuce and spinach…
    look forward to hearing from you soon.

  12. Magick says:

    Yes, I’m very proud of my son.  And even with all that he does, he still finds time every Sunday to take his Granny (my Mom) out for breakfast.  That’s why I worry about him so….I know what a soft heart he has.

  13. ellen says:

    ohh suki, clever girl you,no stopping you now is there?,
    and so relaxing in here now,forgot wot i came here for,lol,
    ohhh yep i remember now,lol,,pop by and see judex site wen u get a mo,,cant remember if i asked  you to do that before?,he’s left a message on mine sending his regards to everyone,bless him,he seems a real nice man suki,hepled polly and cudds a few times now to sort music out for our space,
    anyways must trot now,,i’m still as busy hun,lol,

  14. Magenta says:

    Your space is very lovely and has inspired me to look for my Enya cds. Hope all is well with you. I am back after a six month hiatus (family matters occupied me fully) and touching base with my efriends. My real home is blogspot; so look for me there. I posted some new chrysanthemum photos which isn’t a real shocker.  🙂   Take care.Elise

  15. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  You are so right.  I have to look on the bright side of all this mess.  When it’s all over, I’m going to have all new beautiful floors; which should have been done before we moved in because the old floors were all scratched up.  Now, I get new floors and the owners don’t have to pay for them because their insurance covers it…so everybody’s happy.  Well….when it’s all over we’ll be happy….lol.

  16. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Thanks for droping by, the work continues, hope all is well a Churchwood, let’s see more of those nature pics, I love them.
    Keep on Rocking
    YOGI  xx

  17. Renuka says:

    As always the pictures and the poem are beautiful, How are you doing,wishing you joy and happiness and huggs Suki

  18. Jorge says:

    There is a serenity in Enya’s music that touches most souls. Thanks for sharing. Be well,

  19. Tani says:

    About the banner.First it is one of my pix.I use adobe elements  to add the font.Then I upload to a web site.You can use your space album,I used flickr.To add it to your space you have to get the sandbox powertoy.Then the address of your image goes into the sandbox module.You then fiddle with the HTML codes to get the size you want.The  best place to learn about getting the sandbox is the space craft,or hack MSN spaces.

  20. Coffee With Kate says:

    Just popped by to say helllo. Hope you are enjoying the snow.

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