When visiting the local nursery I noticed that they had reduced the Orchids to half price, well I love these plants, but I have only had moderate success with them, I bought two as gifts and a slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum) for myself, I have never tried this type before so I am posting a photograph before it packs up and dies on me.   The white one pictured here is Phalaenopsis and is the easiest to grow, and I have had many plants that continue producing flowers season after season.  The dark red one (Orchidee) is of a variety that I have never tried before, but I thought the colour so dramatic, I bought it for my friend for her birthday.


Hope you enjoy I will let you know it it survives!



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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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16 Responses to ORCHIDS

  1. Magick says:

    Oh Wow!!  I love those dark red ones.  I’ve never seen that variety before.  They are just beautiful.  Good luck with them.

  2. Dusty says:

    Hi Suki and well done with the blog and text wrapping/borders etc.
    Love the orchids – look after the one you kept……..think I would have kept that red one!
    Lovely photos.

  3. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Good morning Suki x,
    Thank you for visiting and inviting me to your space.  Yes, sitting in the hammock and enjoying the views!  The orchids are lovely.  I don’t have any flowering paphs and yours is lovely.  I have a few babies that I’m growing/raising but that may take 18 – 24 months.  But that is the joy and challenge. Your space is lovely; a little bit of art, music, photography and good verse. 
    You will have to share the origin of your name.   Maybe taken from an orchid’s name!  Laughing with you!  I will in the days ahead read  and enjoy more of your space.  Until…..enjoy your Sunday.   Bittersweet

  4. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Don’t know much about flowers, only there beauty, some lovely plants you have, and the little visitor, what a gem you have, it truly is Wildwood.
    YOGI xx.
    PS. Wish I could do all that stuff with the blog, pics glitter, looks great.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Hi Suki, I love the orchid pics! Will spend some more time visiting this space, thanks for popping by mine. Malcolm.

  6. Tani says:

    I bought my Aunt who has a green thumb a book on these4,and she never had any luck.From what I can tell they grow in bark not soil,and they love humidity,but dont want to sit in water.Good luck.The ones at the botanical gardens are always beautiful,how hard can they be?

  7. Jorge says:

    Thanks for brightening my day with these magnificent flowers! Be well,

  8. Renuka says:

    Hi Suki,
    Lovely orchid. I am sure with your care and love its going to survive…plants also feel and thrive on love and care…wishing you all the best….keep posting your beautiful flowers

  9. Osin says:

    Lovely plants-I saw one that looks like a bird, called the "bird orchid" would you believe! Or Pterostylis barbata.
    Have a good weekend.

  10. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  Just thought I would pop over and say hello…..hope all is well there in your neck of the woods.

  11. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki,
    I like your photos especially the dark red orchid, I just brought my first slipper orchid too last week, looks like your pink one in the photo, but it’s a white and green in colour, hope you can come over for a visit, love to hear your comment. Have a good weekend. Mei

  12. Mei's says:

    Good Morning Suki,
    Thank you for inviting me to your friends list, love to be friend with you and your lovely flowers, my hubby brought me the first orchid about two years ago and I fall in love with orchids, they are expensive, so every time if I saw another orchid are reduced and unusual they may end up on my windowsill, last one I paid £4.99 down from £13.99 just after x’mas, hope they’ll flower better next season. Love to hear from you again, have a good day. Mei

  13. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hello Suki and thanks so much for the visit. It is always lovely to receive a note or two from you.
    The Orchids are beautiful. I do hope they grow well and keep doing so for a long time.
    and you ar SO SMART with all your blog skills.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  14. david says:

    hi sweetie !
    soooooo, nominations have begun at SHOF for "most lovable male"  ….nudge,nudge,wink,wink ……lol
    hope you are well !  come by soon !
    happy valentines’ day !!

  15. david says:

    hi !
    thanks for the visit ! come back soon !

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