Kew Revisited


Royal Botanic Gardens Kew  

We have just made a return visit to Kew Gardens, we arrived to find the Tropical Extravaganza in full flow, The Princess of Wales Conservatory was just full on flowers, mainly Orchids, so what can I say look at the photos and enjoy, plenty more in the album

Orchids of every colour

Even Blue ones , Columns of colour reflected in limpid pools!

Many other tropical flowers too

Outside we met this supurb fellow

No we did not visit the compost heap!

But stayed by the Japanese Garden, and admired the beautiful Quince blossom


Hope you have enjoyed the wirlwind tour, more photos in the album or visit the gardens if you are ever in West London



About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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52 Responses to Kew Revisited

  1. Mei's says:

    Hello Shelly, they’re beautiful photos, I love the blue one, I pass kew garden many times  when I visit my auntie but never had time to visit, we must make time one day, hope you have a good weekend. Mei

  2. Sheena's says:

    Hiya Suki,…what a fantastic array of colour….especially the Peacock!!…and I’ll certainly have a look in your album….Thank you for calling round..and for your concern about Sasha,….. Tomorrow is the appointment with the vet to talk about the Xray Sasha had last week….So…I’m hoping for the best news possible!!     Take care…………………..Sheena…..xx

  3. Renuka says:

    Dear Suki,
    I was not feling too well and also was busy so did not get time to visit any of my space friends…I did a round of your blogs and I am happy ….Wow what beautiful pics…..and all these pics are really treat for the eye…it must have been a wonderful feeling to see them in real…I can feel the flowers…How are your orchids doing…Love you…wishing you all the best…

  4. Dusty says:

    Great blog Suki – superb photos – you knew I would like the blue flowers !  Not seen blue orchids before.
    Speaking of colour, I prefer the new wig to the pink one.
    Appropriate too that Tina should be strutting her stuff with the peacock – love it.
    We will be expecting more spectacular photos after the course.
    Om Shanti

  5. William says:

    Wonderful, pictures and narrative, oh how georgous.  It is back to cold, but spring is slowly moving our way. 

  6. Cindy says:


  7. Sheila says:

    Suki,What a lovely way to start a cold Monday morning! I have so enjoyed your pictures and wish we had a botanical garden nearby (but your tour is the next best thing!)  I suppose I could always go to the local garden shop….seeing all those beautiful orchids has inspired me…I have a close English friend here that keeps orchids and it always amazes me how much care they require.  Thanks for sharing, they have brightened my morning, Sheila

  8. Mei's says:

    Dear Suki, so sorry about the name, forgive me!

  9. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Well what can I say, once again your photo’s are outstanding, the colours are fantstic, what a wonderful thing nature is, it knows, no black or white, only colour. There is such depth in your photography, the Peacock, is outstanding, is that something only nature can make ? Oh yes.
    YOGI xx

  10. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  These are absolutely gorgeous……thank you for sharing them.

  11. Cheryl says:

    The flowers are beautiful.  Overe the weekend I want to go to the nursery and see what pics I can get.

  12. Osin says:

    Where have you been flower!

  13. Tani says:

    Beautiful Orchids.I have yet to see a blue one.I went to our Botanical center again yesterday,and their Orchid display was in full bloom.may colors I had yet to capture.It was a beautiful day.Love the photo of you by the sign for the heap.Looks a little windy,LOl

  14. Osin says:

    Beautiful colourful photos S
    Yes, you are right; no-one outside UK/Erie will know the meaning of "four-candles"! Barker is a word genious. Did I spell that right!.
    It’s an English thing 😛
    Stay smiling! Hugs…

  15. Deborah says:

    I would love to visit someday, I so loved your photographs.  Looking over your space, I was laughing at your comment about Rod Stewart.  Have you ever seen him?  No, well perhaps he has spotted you!  He is doing a concert here on the 12, in Seattle.  Soon it will be time for me to head South to Texas and I am trying to keep the most postive attitude that I can.   I think Texas is going to be good for me, and if not, then what’s to say I can’t come back, or head to London.  The world is my oyster at long last.
    Blessed be

  16. shroomy says:

    Ohhhhh i was sitting outside the greenhouse cafe at kew station on thursday in the sunshine with my ‘friend’ i went to chandlers the guitar shop… bet you don’t know what the hell i’m talking about… errrr … can i say HELL in here ?
    Anyway as i said before i don’t live that far from Kew … lovely area isn’t it ?

  17. Osin says:

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi.
    Yes- Some Mothers Do Av Em is a classic.  Poor Betty, how did she cope with him!
    Moore lived down the road from you?
    I have been watching a lot of Pete and Dud on Youtube.  I forgot what a genius Cook was-some of their comedy is nothing short of art.
    All the best-

  18. shroomy says:

     NO WAY SUKI …. we were there at l2.30 , was you still there then ?
    I bet you was outside like us too … most probably sat on the next table eh ?
    How funny is that … pmsl  xXx

  19. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, how are you? I’m very well, thank you, and thanks for popping in, hope you had a good weekend! Mei

  20. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  You sure hit the nail right on the head with the comment you left for me.  "We have to set ourselves free and give ourselves permission and not live by other people’s rules".  I have a BIG problem with that and I defintely need to learn to stop worrying about what other people think.

  21. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hi Suki,
    What fantastic photographs of the orchids; thank you so much for sharing them. Hows the alotment comming on?
    take care and hope to see you pop by soon.

  22. William says:

    Hi, stopped by, noticed the Peacock, georgous birds, but alas, just a bit vain………lol.  Spring is poking around, still we wait till about April 15, for the last date of possible frost.  I’m very "not prepared" for the season, so much to do, and need a bit of inspiration. 
     The orchids are beautiful, my mother has one for over a year, and not killed it as of now, I may try one at home, they are a work of art.
    Best wishes for the year…….

  23. Embrace says:

    Hi I blogged over from Ossys , beautiful photos.
    Stop by mine.

  24. William says:

    Thank you for the information on the orchid, now, when I approach the selection, at least will have something to refer too, and hopefully one will be available, have a perfect spot in mind.

  25. ellen says:

    ohh suki you do get about ,all this visiting,wish my hubs would take me places like that,
    the colours are splendid hun,as per usual,your’ve done a great job displaying again,
    and wots this,i read,
    YOU AND SHROOMY AT KEW,AND YOU NEVER KNEW,,,cant believe that for one minute ha,ha,if you and shroomy was there at same time you both would surely know,
    you both stand out in a crown,lol,
    thats cudds meaning that in the nicest way ,,ok,,just wish i could have been there,also,you would certainly have known me ha,ha,
    ohhhh well one day we will meet,well i can dream,cant i,???? well off i trot again,off up lotty now,byes hun,mwahssxx

  26. ellen says:

    ohh suki pmsl here,,ha,ha,
    purple faced witch,oppss shroomy wont like that,i very much dont think,,purple yes,,but not faced
    but ha,ha,i can go with the teddy,,nearly everyone loves them,well if you love cudds you would ha,ha,
    and pink haired pensioner!!!!!!!
    well they will defo keep us in with you,ha,ha,well have to dash again,huggles my mate,cuddsxx

  27. ellen says:

    oooop’s ,a, p,s. well you are way off target,it’s may24th ha,ha,,u must be havin a senior moment hun,ha,ha.

  28. Coffee With Kate says:

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day….hope your loved ones spoil you xxx

  29. Magenta says:

    Suki,That you for sharing your gorgeous flowers; you know how I adore them. I see you are doing very well on spaces and hope you come visit some day.

  30. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Hope everything is well with you and yours, it seems that spring has floundered, as they forcast snow here.
    YOGI xx

  31. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, just popping in to wish you a happy Mother’s day, hope you had a nice time with your family. Love xxx Mei

  32. Dusty says:

    WOW – you got loads of comment on this blog Suki – well done – you deserved all of them – the pictures were superb.
    Om Shanti

  33. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki.
                 Thankyou for your visit and your kind words.
    Congratulations on spotting the deliberate mistake, (am) lol.
    I am conected to the land of the midnight sun as my daughter lives in Sweden, it is a strange thing walking out in the midnight sun, your body tells you it should be in bed but your mind tells you different.
    Love your pics of Q, I wonder why there are no totaly black flowers, I guess it must bee that the insects that pollinate them are attracted to bright colours, this phenomenon can also be found among owls, yet one would expect owls to be black, oh well who are we to question mother natures reasons for doing what she does.
                                                            Life is a garden…dig it.    I shall pass this way again for sure.
    You are welcome to pop by mine anytime.  

  34. Kenneth says:

    Good morning Suki.
                                     Check out the question on the peacock pic.
    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  35. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hi Suki and thanks for the visit as well as your kind comments. I am so pleased that you are enjoying the information. My Basil has grown incredibly well; is so tall that I just pick huge bunches of it and arrange it in a flower vase, leaving the basil fragrance to subtly perfume the air. Hmmmm so nice.
    I wish you a fun week-end.

  36. Kenneth says:

    HA HA HA , very funny Suki, there is no fooling you I can see, yes the old ones are indeed the best.
    love your space, sooo light , airy, sweetsmelling and the pics of the flowers a feast for the eyes.
    more please.      happy  you have rediscoverd pineapple  such a magnificent fruit.
                                                                                                                              Be good   Kenny.

  37. Cindy says:

    Stopping in to look at the lovely photos again, say hello and rock to a bit of Tina.

  38. Osin says:

    I am going to Kew in a few weeks!

  39. Renuka says:

    Dear Suki,
    What beauty..the pics have come out so well, I can feel them, nice to see you on my space…its lovely to hear from you friends…I love you…Wishing you a great weekend and lots and lots of happiness…

  40. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    Well spring is here, we’ve been haveing gret weather here in Cardiff, we have been very lucky, we’ve had sun for almost the past 2 weeks, but it has been cold at night,
    Were off to Southern Spain for Easter, Benalmadena, hope tp spend a bit of time in Gibralter, I just love it there. This time of year Southern Spain is lovely, the fruit on the trees, Orange and lemaon trees, line the streets, and the weather is about 20 degrees, last year it was in the 30’s, and we went the same time. Malaga at Easter is a wonderfull place, they have major celebrations, we love it, but most of all it’s a cheap brteak for us, at this time of year.
    I play bowls from April to September, so it’s either a holidat before or after. We do it before the summer, and if we have enough money later on in the year, we can go again.
    Yogi xx

  41. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Suki x,
    Thank you for visiting and saying hello. I have seen you at several other spaces so am glad you said hello.  Your pictures of the orchids are very lovely.  I enjoyed identifying them and viewing their wonderful colors.  I visited Kew Gardens in the early seventies and unfortunately the greenhouses were closed due to major renovations. What was particularly interesting was that it had been one of their warmest summers and while we were there – there wasn’t a day of rain.  I enjoyed every minute of it and then we went on to Ireland.

  42. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Pushed the wrong button.  Anyway, Growing orchids has become a very enjoyable activity.  I am planning to mount one or two this afternoon which will be a new experience. They say that they grow better but they do need more attention and more frequent watering since their roots are more exposed and they need to get their nourishment through their misting.  Know that I will visit again.  A very lovely site.    Bittersweet

  43. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, hope you had a good weekend, thank you for the dropped in and comment, didn’t go anywhere this weekend, just doing some springclean in the house, still a bit cold and windy to work in the garden, hope this week the wind will calm down than there is a lot to tidy up, its a mess every where, hope you can come and give me your hand, he he! Talk to you soon. Mei

  44. John says:

    Hi Suki, thanks for dropping on by. Great pics as usual…Went for the Jimmy Nail in the end…LOL 😀

  45. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  I just came by to say hello and I was reading all the little things you have on your space.  I had NO IDEA that ROD STEWART lives just 20 minutes from you.  How exciting!!  I love his singing.  It was one of his songs that I dedicated to my Son at his wedding…."Forever Young"…I had the whole place in tears…lol.

  46. will says:

    Hi Stranger
    Hope your well & busy with your garden
    Hugs,licks n slobbers

  47. Marie says:

    Hi Suki,
    Thank you for posting these beautiful photos.  YES, YES! A visit to the Kew Garden is always in my itinerary whenever I visit London.
    We had the annual International Orchid Exhibition here in Tokyo last month and I missed it.  I was feeling very sorry but your orchid photos here have consoled me.  Thanks!!
    Hugs, Marie

  48. Kenneth says:

    Good morning Suki.
                                     It is soooooooo   foggy this morning a real peasouper, hope the sun burns it away soon,  "Oh mist rolling in from the sea"
    Yes,  Kenneth Williams, I have rolled on the floor laughing at him many times, a comic with such a sad history and sad end.
    Why is it so many great men and women commit self murder when they have so much to live for ?.
    Oh well on a lighter note Suki, I wish you and yours a wonderful Wednesday, take care and be good.:)
    Just love the jacket you are waring at Q.
    Shall pass by this way again soon. byyyyyyyyyyy.

  49. Kenneth says:

    Oh dear, I was not mocking your wonderful jacket, it suits you Suki, kind of earthy with a hint of humor.
    I have a old sheepskin that has warmed me through many a English and Swedish winter, I dread the day when it eventualy falls from my back, strange do’nt you think how one can become so attached to a dead sheep. lol.
    The music in question is, "Fleetwood mac,"…Albatross.   I believe it suits the running wave.
    Is your veg. patch organic ?.
                                                    Peace to you and yours Suki    Kenny.

  50. malcolm says:

    you have a beautifull garden one day i want a house with a garden but we just kill things i think the only garden i will get is when im in a nursing home lol
    love jo

  51. Kenneth says:

    Good morning Suki.               
                                     You asked about the "hill"  The Vikings named it "Odins-Beorge,"  "Odins Hill ".
    this link will give you more info, if you are interested.
    The pic of the "wave" I just d/loaded, used Adobe to frame it, sent it to photobucket, copied the code, adusted the width to  985 px and pasted it into a sandbox, it is not a panoramic, however there are some panoramics in a album if you care to look, some are good some are not.
    I never have been even remotely convinced about the purity of "organic food".
    One sits down to a supposedly organic meal thinking how green one is, only to wash it down with a glass of wine, the grapes of which  being contaminated with chemicals during developement on the vine.
    These chemicals are then released into the wine during the pressing prosess, then ends its journey inside "you". " cheers my dears "
    If I were a blackfly i would never go anywhere near your sprouts, not with you stood there with your trusty bug gun.  lol
    Have a pleasant  Thors-day.

  52. Deborah says:

    Suki in Japanese means like, or I like you, and it really suits you I think.  I am always happy when you drop by, because it gives me a chance to link back and see those beautiful photos.  Someday I will visit them I am sure, and hopefully we can have a bit of tea and laughter together.
    Blessed be,

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