Chocolate at Easter


I don’t often get on my soap box but I have no choice I have to write this blog!  

Last week I was watching a programme about William Wilberforce, it was part of the BBC’s coverage to commemorate the abolition of the Slave Trade.   The programme also covered modern day slavery, we have all heard about the trafficking of young girls brought into this country with the promise of a well paid job, only to find them selves forced into a slavery from which there is no way out.   The other slavery it told about was in Africa where political disruption has forced the non-indigenous people to leave therefore leaving the country bereft of a work force for the Cocoa plantations.   The people are so poor and unable to keep their children, many of whom are being forced to work in the Cocoa production industry.  

The above link will give you more information.  

I  have grandchildren and I indulge and spoil them all the time and I want to give them Easter Eggs, I went to Sainsbury’s and found they had only one Fair Trade Easter Egg which was plain chocolate not really suitable for a two year old, so I looked on the internet and discovered that the Co-op stocks several types and sizes, when I got there they had sold out but a lovely young man called Kevin went to great lengths to try and locate some for me but all the other Co-ops in the area had sold out, in the end he offered to order in a selection for me and I could go in on Monday and make my choice! What a wonderful young man going beyond the call of duty, well I will let you know what he comes up with next week.  

When I was in Sainsbury’s the aisles were piled high with Easter Eggs, masses of them but how had the Cocoa been produced?    Who is going to eat these delicious eggs?   Yes it will be young children exactly the same in every way as the young children working in enforced labour in the Cocoa Plantations except they are privileged enough to have been born in the West.  

The solution to unfair labor practices is FAIR TRADE (denoted by the "Fair Trade Certified" or "Fair Trade Federation" labels). Fair Trade guarantees producers the income they need to send their children to school and pay their workers fair wages, and provides consumers with a trusted guarantee that no forced or abusive child labor was used in the making of their products.

So enjoy your chocolate this Easter, but remember to read the label before you buy.

Om Shanti

Suki x




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29 Responses to Chocolate at Easter

  1. Kenneth says:

    It beats me how you can label honey organic do the bees refuse to go to a flower that has had a chemical fertalizer on it ???  All just a con for somebody to make a bit of extra money out of the gullible

  2. malcolm says:

    hi suki
    we have supported fair trade through our church for a long time now the trouble is not many people now just how much stuff they do Co-op is about the best at the moment Sansburys is getting better and tesco is very good. and to be honest there is some good food and sweets under the fair trade logo not just coffee and tea as most people think and they do some really nice wine. there is so many ways we can help third world or others from anywere. this year at christmas were are going to extend something we started last year instead of spending money on gifts people may not want or need and instead of buying the grand kids ten gifts when one or two will do what we did last year was this for one friend we sponsored a pit pony for a year, for another we sponsored
     a child, and other was send a cow, and send a goat, and for three others we sent donations to Love Russia ( children) NSPCC and CAP all in there names this year we are going to do so much more, people dont need all the gifts they get at christmas or at other times. malc has a whole page about this ready to put on his space just before he became ill partly telling people how to donate to things and partly telling people what we do on our wedding anniversary with the money people give us instead of gifts
    sorry got on the soap box again it just something close to our hearts
    love jo

  3. ellen says:

    we’ve not bought our grankids eggs for ages now suki,we have always thought them as a rip off,so we have gave them £5.00 each to spend on their choice,works out dearer than an egg
    but we have never liked how the companies have made a profit from the sale of them,all packaging and hardly anything for your money,and hubs and i,we would sooner buy a bar of fair trade chocolate from co-op for each other,i love their dark one,delish mmmm,lol,
    and you get on your soap box anytime you like hun,lol,take care,cuddsxx

  4. Kenneth says:

    Good morning Suki.
                                   Have read this blog and found it most interesting, you are perfectly correct of corse in all that you say, "slavery" in any form in this day and age is unnecessary, unacceptable and undeniably wrong, however, how many of us just turn a blind eye, refuse to think about the 7 year old child whose sweat and toil has brought this Easter egg to their table.
    How many of us Just dont care, are not concerned about the orogins of the food they eat or  the clothes upon their backs, (sweat-shops) as long as they get what they want they dont give two hoots.
    Charity begins at home I here some people say and in a way they are right, why should we be sending money, cows goats e.c.t. to people that do not effect our everyday lives, we should be more concerned about our own child poverty, our own needy, our own down and outs.
    It is the way of the world, the strong take from the weak and the smart take from the strong.
    I would like to have commented further but i do not wish to waffle on to long and end up boring you.
    It is overcast today but it is dry, a good day to get out into the garden and do some work, me thinks.
    Have a nice weekend Suki…..Kenny.

  5. Dusty says:

    Thank you for all that Suki – some of us ignorant folk really didn’t know all that.  Too late for this year I am afraid – I have already bought some eggs, but I will certainly point this out to other people and will choose more carefully next year.
    Good to get on your soap box now and again – get it off your chest so to speak – well done.

  6. Deborah says:

    Ah Suki, yes, I am proud that you wrote that, to know someone who hears of an injustice and spreads the word to the rest of us.  It’s important to speak out, not just stew in silence, continue to buy the other eggs because it is cheaper and less trouble.  You go girl.  Today is my birthday and I am just relaxing.  I work my second job tomorrow, and it is hard work, so I am lazy today.  My sister and I bought plants for the planter boxes out front and the spots of colour are wonderful, but I am envious of your lot.  It is time to start working there again. 
    Blessed be

  7. elizabeth says:

    hello suki,  thank you for the visit and your lovely comments, please drop in any time.
    interesting blog, something that i and i’m sure many others didnt know about.
    beautiful photos of kew, especially the blue orchid.
    take care,   love, beth.

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi Suki,
    It’s good of you to inform those who don’t and remind those who do know of these atrocities.  Chocolate tastes less sweet when you know what it costs in human suffering.  You get up on that soap box any time, Girl! 
    Happy Weekend! *smiles*

  9. Magick says:

    Hiya Suki:  thanks for the heads-up…..I’ll make sure to look for that label before I buy chocolate for my grandkids for Easter.

  10. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Suki x,
    An interesting post indeed.  There are so many injustices that we aren’t aware of; from unprotected wild animals, global warming, destruction of the rain forests etc.  And of course child labor.  One of the things I find very disturbing is the advertising that children pick up on.  They see $200. sneekers and every kid thinks they must have it while the parents can barely put food on the table. I think that is why I have become such a solitary soul living in the country where I barely see my neighbors because of the trees and the distance between homes. I rarely go to the malls which I really detest.
    Anyway, I have about 35 orchids but most are too young to bloom yet. I’ve had about 5 or 6 in bloom this year and at the moment only one or two are still blooming.  I have several that are beginning new shoots and hopefully they will be a spike or two amongst the new growth.  I am waiting for late spring early summer when I can place them outside on outdoor stands where they can benefit from the more natural weather cycle, indulge in cooler evening temperatures and the occassional shower. I am also planning to get a fogger that can spray them with a very fine mist as I think the vandas would enjoy more humidity.  In short, I am looking for lots of healthy growth and strong spikes for next years blooms.
    It is interesting that I as a mature woman, ( a euphamism for an old crone,) have taken on a hobby that requires lots of years of patience.  Maybe that is what keeps life exciting.  It is the understanding that it will be years before we reap the benefit of our efforts! On occassion we cheat a little and buy an orchid in spike and bloom!  I hope you are laughing with me!
    Spring is slowly coming although our nights are still in the low 20’s.  Days highs are in the low 50’s so we need a few more weeks before we can say spring is here. But it is my favorite time.  I love the promise of delicate grren shoots and the earth throwing off its grey cover and the joy that comes from what breaks through the ground.
    Be well my friend.    Bittersweet on the hill.

  11. Sheila says:

    What a lovely feast for the eyes, ears, heart and soul.  I am enjoying your beauty of photography and choice of music and can’t tell you how pleasing and relaxing this is!! Thank you Miss Suki …I stopped everything I was doing just to enjoy!!hugs and love,Sheila

  12. Sheila says:

    Suki dear,I have read your piece on Easter Eggs, checked out the link and will now begin to look for the FAIR TRADE label when grocery shopping.  This is very interesting and is something in which I was completely ignorant.  The private school my daughter attends usually has an Easter chocoloate sale as a fundraiser, and although I do not buy from this particular fundraiser (we have decreased our consumption of processed foods and sweets), it would be worth my time to find out if this company (Gertrude Hawks) uses FAIR TRADE goodies.  Thank you for this new insight,we are all indebted to you for sharing this with us,hugs again, Sheila

  13. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  Thank you so much for your kind words.  I’m glad that I can be an inspiration sometimes.  And you were one of my first dear friends in blogland too.

  14. Kenneth says:

    Good Monday to you Suki.
    I do let my hair down about once a week Suki, but I try not to go out on any limbs or put my head in any nooses, although I do enjoy living on the edge and sailing close to the wind at times.
    Regarding saving the world, I think I shall leave that to superman, however, if I can halp even in the smallest of ways then I would be only to pleased to offer him some advice, E.G. .. Put evolution into reverse to the point where "man" first walked the earth and start again, only this time do not invent religion-politics or money and give everyone a fair share of the cake this time.
    Oh yes and make Suki… it’s supreme leader, you are a lovely person and i would be only to happy to serve beneath you.
                                   Have a wonderful day Suki.         Kenny.

  15. Osin says:

    Good post Suki-and there are bad for the teeth.  I hope you enjoyed your lamb!
    All the best-

  16. Mei's says:

    Good morning Suki, how are you, just popped in to wish you a happy Easter, hope you have a nice Easter holiday with your family and Grand children. Saw you on msn last night, I’m trying to finish my blog late last night, otherwise I love to say hello to you,  but I’m very slow on typing, it puts me off saying hello. Take care! Mei

  17. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hi Suki X,
    Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Easter.  I’m in the midst of thinking what our Easter dinner will be since we just had a leg of lamb this past weekend. Lamb is usually our Easter dinner.  Hope all is well and that spring is upon you.  We had a dusting of snow last night.  It has evaporated but it is still cool and raw.  Be well.   Bittersweet

  18. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, thank you so much for your lovely comment, yes, taking her out shopping is a very good idea, if she will come with me, talking about shopping for clothes, I think there is another title I can write about it, maybe, she won’t wear any clothes I brought for her now, she’s happy wearing the same clothes everyday that her auntie bought for her from Christmas or Birthday, and crying she have no clothes to wear, she’s doing the same this morning, just like what I wrote before, I get out five lovely top from the wardrobe to show her and her dad, I bought it with her approved and I told her I can return if she don’t like it, she said she like it and want to keep it, but she never wear them, at the end I got to give away lots of clothes to friends and oxfam, she is like that for few years now, I feel very hurts and I keep telling her its a lot money you make me waste, I worked very hard in the past for the money, cooking like hell in the kitchen for 25 years. I had told my husband’s sister my daughter’s auntie, don’t buy her any clothes, every Christmas or Birthday she likes buy her clothes or shoes as presents, and she will just wear her auntie and left almost all my in the wardrobe. And now Auntie still take her out now and than and my daughter said to me not long ago, you don’t buy me clothes, I can go with Auntie Lyn( she had a boyfriend no children). See not just my father in-law steal my daughter his daughter steal my daughter too. AAAAAAAAA Sorry I been so long wind today. Hope you understand why. Take care. Mei

  19. Kenneth says:

    Good morning Suki.
                                   Have a wonderful time over the holliday, loads of  sunshine here,
    hope it continues over the weekend.
    What ever happend to the Easter bonnet parade, I remember my dear mother would make one every year. People just do’nt seem to bother these days, sign of the times I guess.
    Cheery by for now.  
                                   Kenny. x

  20. Kenneth says:

    Well that was very nice Suki, …..made my day  thankyou very much, I think this bonnet is a winner well it would be if the "right" lady was waring it.
     I do’nt think it would suit me though 🙂      Byyyyyyyyyyyy. for now.  x

  21. Embrace says:

    Hope your weekend is wonderful . full of smiles  laughs and hugs. and thanks for always coming by with your words of encouragement , means alot.
    Happy Easter my mew Friend and please keep taking photos , your good at it and I love them.
    Hugs Always

  22. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, thanks again for your comment, yes, the troubles I have is too many flowers in my heart, like my dad said, and some my best friends said the same too, they thick I should keep one thing consistent and work hard on that, I might get a good landing. And I think they’re right, but I can’t stay in the same thing for long, I like to do and try lots of things, I don’t know why, maybe thats part of my bipolar, I think.
    And how are you lately? Waiting for more of your lovely photos come up on your blog. I enjoy your photo and blog very much. Take care. Mei

  23. P says:

    Hi Suki, Thank you very much for your short, yet concise comment, I totally agree with you. :)As for your Blog, point duly taken, I may sound a bit of a killjoy but we aren’t usually sucked into the commercial aspects of certain celebrations. Our troop have enough aunts and a couple of uncles, which normally get them things like eggs etc. lol!It is a shame; in this day and age, that modern day slave work and ‘unfair’ trade still exist.You have a lovely space :)Just to let you know, any friend of Sheena’s is always welcome at The G Spot.Enjoy your weekend.Phil.

  24. P says:

    Hi Suki.Thanks for the return visit.Don’t worry about the odd typo…we all do it. ;)No offence was taken, I appreciate comments long or short. lol!Have a lovely day,God Bless,Phil.

  25. Kenneth says:

    Hello Suki
                          I hope you had a very pleasant easter the weather was fantastic  concidering the time of year, got a little bit tanned.
    I am going now but be careful I might be coming back.

  26. Kenneth says:

    If we are talking about the same thing then It came from one of your comments that you made on someones space, would you like me to remove it ?.

  27. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, just popped in for a visit, I can’t remember reply to you or not for last comment, anyway, I love tai chi, the movement are so soft and gentle and beautiful, before the lesson I’m not too sure about the move, but watching the teacher showing us her first piece, it was so beautiful, she is very good, but for some reason I stop half way, but I will try again soon. Not too well lately, but I’ll be back up soon, hope!!! Take care. Mei

  28. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:  Just popping by to leave a quick hello.  I hope you had a fabulous Easter.

  29. Magenta says:

    Suki,I give this post a  4 star community service rating. Discussions like this are serving to raise global consciousness about all sorts of things. Maybe the leaders of various countries refuse to embrace humane and economically just trade policies, but we as global citizens can exert consumer power.  It is possible to buy fair trade chocolate and while more expensive is the ethical thing to do. I support you on this one. Good work.

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