Remembering D-Day

Remembering the D-Day Landings


We have just spent a few days away in a tiny village in Oxfordshire called North Aston, this is where Peter was evacuated out of London in 1944 when he was 9 years old,   He was lucky enough to be sent to a stately home called North Aston Hall,
there were other London children staying there and also the children of the house, and they all ran riot over the wonderful countryside. An American Army Battalion was stationed in the grounds for a short while and the children made friends with these young men, more like boys really.   One morning the children awoke to find the US encampment had disappeared, they had embarked for the Normandy Beaches, not one of them to return
Last week on 6 June a Memorial service was held in St. Mary’s church which is attached to North Aston Hall, to commemorate the service men who lost their lives on D-Day and all service personnel who have needlessly lost their lives through war
The owner of The Hall allowed it to be opened to the congregation of the church, and they laid on refreshments including wine and we were able to wander around the beautiful gardens,
we were also given a tour of the house which has changed out of all recognition, it’s rooms should now grace the pages of a Style Magazine, with Scandinavian and Hindu influences in the décor.   Gone are the old suits of armour and the swords.

We also paid a visit to Banbury the home of the nursery rhyme;


Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross

To see a Fine Lady on a white horse

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

She shall have music where ever she goes.


I found the sculpture of the Fine lady so moving I could not stop photographing it, so look in the album you will see it from every angle.

Before we came home we were invited to the studios of BBC Radio Oxford where Peter and his sister gave a live interview to Sybil Roscoe on his experience as a 9 year old evacuee from London in 1944


I hope you will join with me in our special remembrance of all the service personnel who lost their lives at D-Day and in more recent times




  Suki x

PS Peter has written a childrens story based on his time at North Aston here is his web page






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32 Responses to Remembering D-Day

  1. Deborah says:

    I like to spend June 6th watching Band of Brothers which depicts the chaos these brave men had to endure.  Looks like the allotment is shaping up very nicely.  I love the photos of the Banbury Lady, a favorite Nursery Rhyme of mine.  My Mom would quote it to me when I was a little one because of my love of music.  I still sing all the time.
    Blessed be,

  2. Dusty says:

    Really enjoyed sharing that with you Suki.
    A really lovely place too and fantastic photo’s – well done – love the statue and gardens.
    Kind regards to Peter, and well done for arranging all this.
    Om Shanti
    p.s. – just the music to sort out for me now please…….he he

  3. David says:

    Very very interesting. Thank’s for sharing. I’ll have to check out Peter’s page, I bet he had great time as a kid. I didn’t even know there was a place called Banbury, although when I think about it; it would be surprising if there wasn’t. What about the "cross" in the rhime? where does that come from? She’s also a beautiful lady no wonder you photographed her from different angles.
    Yes! We will remember them.

  4. elizabeth says:

    interesting blog and lovely photos.
    take care, beth. x

  5. Delete52Mitch says:

    Great stuff and wonderful photos! And a BBC Radio Oxford interview! That Banbury Lady is pretty hot, too. (Insert joke about statuatory rape). Keep ’em flying!

  6. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    It’s new to me that very nice entries with photos well present that I likes very much to learns other countries cultured,
    the garden and the sculpture of the buddha and the banbury lady’s those photos a fantastic….
    someone said that sometimes its not what the camera clieks so much as what the photograpehrs sees through her lens,
    I believed too. 
    I looked Peter’s page the an old fashion record player was nice …..
    Thank you for sharing them us,

  7. Sheila says:

    I can taste the fresh vegtables!you gave me the answers I was looking for…wish we had something like that here (though I would have to garden in my sleep as you say life is hectic, but it is also wonderful).  I can see how quickly you have taken to that camera…your pictures are so sharp…haven’t had a good look, but will be back later,
    thanks for coming by,
    it was so good to see that gorgeous smiling face again!

  8. Cindy says:

    Fabulous photos, Suki … thanks for sharing them.  I loved the Banbury Lady.  So glad you got her from all angles.  Lovely!!

  9. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:
    Beautiful pictures…..I would love to visit there, it seems so peaceful and serene.

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi suki,
    Thank you for visit and your kindness offer incorpoate the photos…
    Well! I don’t have confidence in myself…I might wipe over all my space? ha ha ha
    In the time come I would asked to help me…Thank you again,
    Have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones,

  11. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Suki,
    A very touching post!  It is startling when you hear that out of a whole Battalion of soldiers, not one returned. Normandy was a costly battle.
    The pictures are grand.  I loved hearing that Peter wrote some children’s stories. I have written some but they sit in a draw with other writings!  Perhaps someday although one day "those days" will run out!  On the lighter wside, no one should think that because they are children’s stories they are easier to write!
    Now…..for the creamy ranch and London Broil.   Cream ranch is a pleasantly light salad dressing and London broil is a cut of beef that lends itself well to grilling outdoors.  It is boneless and when cut at an angle is quite tender. It is a very tasty cut of beef with very little fat and when cooked medium rare is delicious. 
    We have been enjoying the strawberries. Now I just have to find some young spinach leaves for the salad!
    Stay well and enjoy the allottment.     Bittersweet

  12. Kenneth says:

    Hello Suki.
                      Nice blog, it certainly makes one appreciate just how good we have it now, compared to those long gone days.
    My age dose not permit me to remember the war, however, I have the utmost respect for the men and women that perished during all conflicts, while preserving this land and providing such a wonderful country to be born in.
    The photographs are great it looks a realy nice place, the efelants look so at home enjoying themselves. I guess that pond has a lot more water in it now after all the rain we are having (and more to come) oh well, its good for the gardens as they say in the Dordogne.
    I noticed your hubby has a good head of hair for his age, or is it a toupee. ?
    I am going now before I get a flea in my ear. lol.
    hope all in the garden is rosie…  Kenny.

  13. Embrace says:

    Hi Suki,
    Outstanding photos all of them. You have really loved taking photos and it shows. I’v looked through your album and would be in heaven photograhing them. Well done.
    Wonderfull Blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Jorge says:

    Concidentally, my son was just visiting the cemeteries in Normandy, where those soldiers lie. Thank you for this beautifully illustrated piece.

  15. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:
    I guess I better get my poop together and do a blog…lol….now that I’ve got this new toy to play with.  I haven’t done a blog for about two weeks!!  I’m a bad, bad girl.

  16. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hello Suki, what a lovely narrative and the pictures are very beautiful too. Thanks for sharing this little cameo of life…
    I hope the rain has not been a threat to you,
    Take care

  17. dunno says:

    GOOD MORNING thank you for calling by and leaving a great comment ,, you have a wonderful space here have a good sunday luv foxy oxo

  18. swamp says:

    Afternoon Suki. A miserable day here, but an excellent blog there to brighten it. And great pictures too.
    Enjoy the rest of the day   🙂

  19. Tani says:

    This was such an interesting story.Thanks for sharing it.
    I like the new icon photo.You look natural with that camera,LOL Hope you have alot of beautiful photo ops in Spain.Can’t wait to see them when you get back.Have fun and enjoy the vacation.

  20. Embrace says:

    Hi Suki,
    I love your new profile photo. I just stopped to see if you have any new photos up and to say hi also.
    Hope that your day is a good one also.

  21. swamp says:

    Morning Suki, a quick splash by about that old riddle answer. The answer was, he put slipped on a riverbank, fell in, and was never seen again. Daft, I know.  lol
    Have a good Wednesday  🙂

  22. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    How are you? I realized how your spaces are relaxing atmosphere places that after jogging around the other places ha ha ha…
    because you have beautiful back land of the garden that is makes me joyful moment…..never get tired of seen a natural beauty.
    I like your new profil picture with camera.
    Have a wonderful weekend with loved ones,

  23. Cheryl says:

    Wonderful photos and very interesting information.  My father was in WWII and part of the Korean war.  His best friend came back with him but his friend was paralyzed.  She spent much of our childhood on the best friends farm but neither man would ever talk about the war or what happened.  They took it all to the grave with them….

  24. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:
    Just thought I would pop by and say hello.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  25. William says:

    What a wonderful blog, just touching.  I mention earlier this year, my neighbors husband, now deceased, was in the 2nd wave on Normandy.  A radio operator. When i say touching, I mean the thoughtfulness of rememberence to those who gave so very much.  My Mother needs to hear what Peter had to say, she was about 16 or 17 at that time. She still has the letters from soilders she wrote too.
     Take care

  26. Coffee With Kate says:

    Good Morning Suki,
    Just popping by to say hello and to wish you well for the week ahead. I do hope the weather clears and that you can start enjoying your summer. Take care and ‘see’ you soon.

  27. Kenneth says:

    Hello Suki.
                       Just a flying visit to wish you a pleasant week ahead, albeit a wet one.
    Kenny  x

  28. YOGI says:

    Hi Suki,
    I to found that sculpture magnificent, and must go to sse it some day, another item, on my list,
    Hope you and yours are all healthy, I’ve been so fed up, the rain is unrelenting here, and many areas are flooded, the building renovation are being held up, due to apathy, all these dark days.

  29. daniel says:


                                ★´`’. ★.·


    Just a kiss on your cheek
    is not just what i meant
    the 666 kiss is with all my love
    thats truelly heaven sent
    for love this angel brings is a passion within
    slowly rising, forever growing
    filling your heart with the love I am sowing
    a love thats so special honest and true
    unconditional love and its sent just for you
    ________0000_______________________0000_________________________00000__________________________00000___________________________000000DANIEL ☜666☞ ۞ANGEL۞ ★´`’. ★.·WISHING  SUKI A FANTASTIC WEEK_0000000____________________________0000000____________________________0000__00___________________________0000__00000000____________________000000000000_______________________0000000000____________________ 0___0000000000________________ 000____ _00000_____00____________000________000000__00000_ 0000000000___________000000000000000000000_______________00000000000000000_____________________00000000 LOVING YOU ALL MORE DANIEL۞ANGEL۞ 666♥¸.·´¯)¸.·**·. ♥  

  30. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    How are you? I hope your weather is beautiful one..we had heavy rain with high winds from monday it is rainning right now …
    well after a long time dry weather there we can’t complained but we would like to see sunshining that would be nice. 
    Enjoy your days,

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