November 5th

Firework Night
Hoping to take some terrific pictures of fireworks on Saturday night, I bought a dozen rockets for my grandchildren’s party looking forward to a great show of coloured lights.  Unfortunatly I did not read the description and all the rockets went off with a terrific bang  and a small shower of sparks, (an absolute hit with the kids) this was my favourite picture of the evening, certainly not in sharp focus but I think it captures the atmosphear.
Hope you all had a great time!
Suki x

About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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14 Responses to November 5th

  1. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:
    I love that picture….being out of focus gives it a very special look.  I hope you had a great time with the grandchildren.  You wouldn’t be able to fire any of those off around my granddaughter, she’s scared to death of them.
    Hugs and Love,

  2. Sailing says:

    Haha, a little terrific photo, but feel more funny, and feel the firework become more beautiful.
    Not only for children, I think many people like play firework too, of course me too.
    Happy times ^o^

  3. Kuskulana says:

    I like the photo!
    The sharp focus of the sparkler and soft focus of the kids, and happy face of the girl, give this a festive mood.
    It takes me back to when we played with sparklers as kids (and that is waaaaaay back).
    Keep having fun with that camera Suki!

  4. Delete52Mitch says:

    How cool! The Fourth of July in November. Bonfires, too! Lucky you! Best wishes from Alabama. Mitch

  5. John says:

    Hi ya suki, great snap. Yeah it was the first time I ever tried taking pics of fireworks, well tricky! 😀

  6. claire says:

     Hi Suki, thank you for visiting me and for your kind words about my book. I have to admit I am very proud of this book but i still needs aot of work, though thanks to Dusty’s much needed help I have managed to correct most of the grammar and spelling mistakes, now all i have to do is expand the begining few chapters some more as they are much shorter than the second half of the book, so I am concentrating on this while I await to hear from the litterary agents I have contacted… has been 5 weeks so far since I sent them my synopsis and sample chapters!!! It’s nerve wracking!!!
       Was taking a look at your photo’s, I have to say, that like Dusty, You certainly have an eye when it comes to phography. 
    Take care

  7. Sailing says:

    Hi Suki,
    Wait for your new firework photos yo ^*^!

    Bubbling Well Street was named 65 years ago that is really long long ago.  and now is called Nanjing Road (West).
    and now this road is one of prosperous road in Shanghai, there are many shopping more and restaurants.

  8. swamp says:

    Afternoon Suki. Something I didn’t do this year, photo the fireworks  lol  That one of yours tho’ captures the fun the kids were having.
    Enjoy the rest of the week  xx

  9. Rog says:

    Hi Suki, I came on here this morning at about 4:30am! and left a comment which has not appeared!
    Knowing me I forgot to "add" it! Anyway, the mushroomy jobbies are Coprinus Comatus or Shaggy ink cap. They are edible but only when they first pop up. As soon as they start to liquify you dont wanna eatum! You also got a special mention on Bits and Pieces too!
    I was in the "Orangery" in your piccies many many years ago, probably being naughty too, I don’t remember clearly. Ho Hum. Nice piccies too! You a DSLR too, I can’t afford one yet!! Perhaps when hell freezez over eh? hehehe
    I tried to leave this in your photo’s of the mushroomy things but it wont let me!

  10. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    The photos are beautiful "good shorts" with your grandchildern, those the fire works that remind me when I was younger I used to likes doing in the summer season but one night I had an accidents what happent was the last sparks little ball drops into my foot on big toes ..Of course I was scream crying harder mind you I wore a sandal…I still had a little marks and still one of my happy memories. Because I with my Grandma. And I am Granma now ha ha ha
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Ye Olde says:

    Hi Suki,
    thanks for the link, I see where you are coming from…and I still think that it is a good photo of your fuscia.
    There are some brilliant photos on that site… indeed there are on here too.
    The blurring of the figured behind is quite a good idea, I’m afraid that my photo abilities will never be as good as you 2, I dont  seem to have the creative eye, more of a factual type of photographer, though looking at your photos might well inspire me to have a go!
    I will certainly try the glass reflection, and I will post it when I do get round to it.
    Thanks once again, have a great weekend,
    take care
    Woof woof !

  12. Tinks says:

    Flying in to say ‘hello’…
    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend…
    Love the pic you have here… I tried getting a few… but at the moment I only have a camera phone…
    so Ive sent my letter to santa… heehee
    Love the pics in your new album… I love swans!!
    Have a great week ahead…
    Tinks xXx

  13. ♥ Aimee says:

    firework night?
    *~* :o) before you put on a frown… :o) make sure there are no smiles available… :o) *~*

  14. Deborah says:

    Thanks for the kind comments.  I have internet problems at the moment, so it may be awhile before I post a new blog, but I always enjoy hears from you.  Look forward to seeing the pictures of the stalls.

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