Visit to Bournemouth


A few weeks ago we went to stay with my brother in Bournemouth on the South coast.  We had a lovely time the weather was better than expected and we had several days out. 

Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 012

Zena never leave home with out a bag of food for any wild life that we may meet, and I think they sense this as we have all sorts of creatures come and greet us including this beautiful peacock who followed us constantly hoping for food.

Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 045

He continued to dance around us until we convinced him the food was all gone.  these pictures were taken on a trip to Brownsea Island also on the island is a colony of red squirrels a treat to see in the south of England as they have mainly been replaced by gray ones, we were told by the guide we would be lucky to see any at this Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 031cropped time of the year but sure enough a couple showed them selves I did not get great pictures but I will share them with you as I was so pleased to see them. Brownsea Island is a nature reserve but also well known for being the location of the very first Boy Scout camp, founded and instigated by Lord Baden Powell

We also had a trip to the New Forest there were lots of new born poniesBournemouth with B & Z 2008 218

This is one of my favorites shots, but it is hard to choose and there were so many wonderful mothers with their babies

Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 215

showing such affection and some who couldn’t find mummy at all

Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 213

don’t worry mum was not far away.

While we were there the family got together for a Bar-b-q, and although I rarely publish family pictures I thought this was worth showing you

Bournemouth with B & Z 2008 250

this is Nicola my niece and and you can see the wonderful array of food she prepared for us and the meat beautifully cooked by her husband Dave

Lastly I must show you a little experiment!

Christchurch to Mudeford panorama

This is my first attempt at a panorama picture, it was taken from Hengisbury Head and shows Christchurch on the left side right across the harbor to Mudeford sand bank on the right it is made up of 5 pictures, it is too small to display effectively here as it covers a large area, again this is a nature reserve we walked as far as the sandbank and had a cup of tea and walked back, whilst the guys were playing golf!


Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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20 Responses to Visit to Bournemouth

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    you had a lovely times that all pictures shows us, the peacock is pretty friendly ones …because she was hungry???
    I liked the picture from reflected Nicola the sunglass is very nice.
    The Cristchurch is my favorites place to go a last four yeas in my Christmas holidays, my son’s married girl from there.
    Her parents own 70 an acres had grow the walnuts trees in not far from Diamomd Harbour.
    Have a great week ahead,

  2. Dusty says:

    Another great blog Suki – you always find something new to show us and in different ways…….the reflection in the sunglasses and the panorama – you are getting oh so good with that camera – good on you.
    Also, good to see you enjoying life.
    love and hugs

  3. Magick says:

    Hi Suki:
    It’s really good to see you back, also.  I’ve missed your gorgeous pictures and your wonderful tales of all the adventures you go on.  You seem so much younger than your years….how do you do it??
    I looked at the Spanish Holiday pictures in your photo album and, as usual, they were fabulous.  The one of the two men laying in the horse carriage could probably fetch a pretty penny from a magazine.
    I would love to visit that animal sanctuary, since I’m a huge animal-lover.  I’m just like Zena….I never go to the park without a bag of peanuts and a bag of bird seed.  We have mostly gray squirrels here too, but once in awhile, we still see the odd red one.  I love the way they come running when I make a little kissing sound.
    I’m very happy to hear your info on the very first Boy Scout camp ever founded by Baden Powell himself, was on Brownsea Island in England.  All other info I’ve read on the subject has said that the Boy Scouts were founded in the USA and I just knew that it was in England.
    I think it’s amazing the way you captured the family at the table in your niece’s sunglasses….very inventive and your panoramic picture just blows me away.  The way you have taken five pictures and made them into one….you are becoming a very exceptional photographer!!
    After seeing all this, I can well imagine why you’ve been absent for awhile…’s good to have you back.

  4. Cherno says:

    Cherno the fearless enters the garden.
                                            "pant"  "pant"  "pant"…"sniff"  "sniff" "sniff"….hey Suki  where are those two red heads you told me about, i want to play with them.  woofy woof woof.
    Cherno exits the garden with head down, tail errect and wagging, searching for the redheads spoor.

  5. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki.
                   looks like you had a great time in Spain  love the photos.  errrrrrmm… cant stop, Cherno has run off somewhere and I am trying to find him.   Little sod he is, it must have something to do with the "full Moon" tonight.
    take care  you lovely person you.
    Kenny x

  6. Cheryl says:

    The panorama turned out great.  I have not tried that yet.  The picture with the pics in the sunglasses was a 10 for sure.  A real classic.  Loved all your photos….

  7. Kuskulana says:

    Hi Suki;
    Thank you for sharing another lovely outing.
    That photo of Nicola is really something, besides being a great portrait of a pretty lady the reflections in her glasses could not have been planned any better!
    Panoramas just don’t show their full effect on a computer screen for sure, 5 frames is quite alot to accomplish, this would make a great print.
    Hugs from Alaska

  8. Kenneth says:

    Anyone seen an old gnarled stump  anywhere…you are a one Suki.. hahaha, nearly fell of the chair when i read that. still chuckling now.  lol

  9. John says:

    Hi Suki! Sorry i’ve been so remiss re popping by. i’m liking the panorama shot, great work and as for the wasps…yes, they have relocated 😀

  10. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hi Suki,
    Thanks for the visit and I do apologise for taking so long in replying. Your Spain pics are lovely as is the snippet on the meander through the nature reserve. The picture of your niece with the food display in her sunglasses provided a good chuckle.
    Take care Suki, chat soon.
    Kate xxx

  11. Mei's says:

    Hello Suki, love your pics, they are great! You can teach us! We come to your blog for lesson. 🙂 I lived in Bournmouth for a year 18 years ago, used to work in a Resturant in Christchurch, still hang around that area near by, its a lovely place. May see you around next time. Take care. Mei

  12. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hi Suki,
    The pictures of Spain are lovely… are your floral shots.  Well done.  Our summer is going well.  I am pleased with the garden.  The rain has kept it nicely moist but detracts from being outside in the sun.  Hopefully early August will bring some nice weather.  Enjoy yourself.   Bittersweet from across the pond.

  13. swamp says:

    Morning Suki. Great set of pictures to accompany the blog, as usual.
    The pano…….well done; something I’ve not tried yet.
    Sunglasses reflection… others have already said, very good.
    The reds……….brings back memories; not seen any of these since I was a kid.
    Certainly looks a great place to visit, especially after tempting us with those pictures.
    Have a great weekend  xx

  14. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    Suki, I love this little lost Pony and the Mom and Colt. I could and have just sat here for a while enjoying the peace and beauty you have here. Thanks for sharing thesse.
     All your images here and Breathtkaing. I love the Sunglasses . I did one too but not anything as good as yours  . Well done. !!!!!!!!
    Have a Beautiful Week. I cant wiat for the next outing way out there and across the pond. I love to see the World through your lens.
    Love always and a big Hug

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