Chinese Festival in South Weald Park


The Essex Jiangsu Festival

South Weald Country Park was the venue of the festival to celebrate 20 years of the Essex partnership with the Jiangsu Province of China.  Here they presented a colouful cultural event

Chinese Festival South Weald Park 020                Chinese Festival South Weald Park 023

Amongst the presentations was a puppet show and this is the silk dance the photos do not show how realistic is was,

Chinese Festival South Weald Park 051                                  Chinese Festival South Weald Park 055

along with this was another puppet who’s face changed every 15 seconds and who finished up breathing fire, it was amazing, how do they do it.Chinese Festival South Weald Park 070 

These three little girls were part of a troupe of performers called The Little Red Flowers, I am not sure what they were singing as it was in Chinese but they were brilliant, I saw them later walking across the field and they stopped to say hello (in Chinese of course) not a very long conversation!Chinese Festival South Weald Park 086          Chinese Festival South Weald Park 085

These two were part of the colourful atmosphere and as you can see we were lucky to have a beautiful calm evening with a wonderful sunset.

Chinese Festival South Weald Park 127A beautiful pageant unfolded as the sunset and the moon rose in the sky, the tragic story of a princess who disobeyed her husband and flew up into space just managing to grab hold of the Moon as she passed and this is where she now resides, this celebration coincides with our own celebration of Harvest and many other celebrations throughout the world celebrating the fruits of the earth.

The fair princess who disobeyed her husband (take note her girls!!) now for ever lives on the moon in her crystal palace

Chinese Festival South Weald Park 166   Chinese Festival South Weald Park 190

The princess floated away on her balloon across the park you can just see her under the balloon which continually changed colour and the princess danced her way around the park accompanied by Chinese music the evening ended with a spectacular firework display.

I hope I have conveyed to you some of the wonderful atmosphere of the evening  




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11 Responses to Chinese Festival in South Weald Park

  1. Kenneth says:

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable time of it Suki. I guess that I would have enjoyed it also, colourful and interesting.
    Nice story also of the fair Princess in her crystal palace on the moon.  Doesn’t sound so bad to me, I wonder if she would like some company up there.
    Great photographs, and some nice memories to  "take-away"  with you.
    Take care
    Kenny xx

  2. Bonnie-Land says:

    Stunning pictures as usual, you are truly gifted with a camera.
    Thankyou for sharing these.
    Yours in FHTM, Bonnie

  3. Horst says:

        What a great story, and picture to boot. To bad we don’t have such great festivals here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Your photos are great and give us just enough so that our imagination can finish off the story. Thank you Suki. Talk with you later.

  4. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hi Suki,
    Firstly thanks for the visit and your fun remark regarding ‘Baby Abbott’….Do watch this space.
    I loved the potted story and so enjoyed the photographs of the guild flower show. You are so smart!
    Take care, don’t be a stranger,
    Warm hugs

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    It was lovely to visits to my space and thank you for to remember me lol!
    I really enjoyed the flowers pictures and As always you have a space so full of "joyfull" the Chinese Festival.
    Thank you for sharing us, see you soon….
    Big Hugs,

  6. Deborah says:

    What a beautiful event this was.  I am happy to hear things are settling down in your retirement.  When you get to NYC we will only be separated by 3000 miles, so close and yet so far.  Have a wonderful Holiday.  I have been to Niagra Falls several times and enjoyed each visit over the years.  Last time I was there I had a breathtaking view from the Penthouse on the Canadian side and the Falls are beautiful at night when the lights are on.
    Have a great time.
    Blessed be

  7. Dusty says:

    Hi Suki – only just seen…………..and enjoyed ………..this thank you.
    Great blog with lovely photos.

  8. Kuskulana says:

    Oh how fun Suki!
    NOW I know what to look for when I look at the moon :)>
    Hugs from Alaska

  9. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    I love the Silk Dance. This sounds and looks so very interesting. You go and do some of the most interesting things Suki. I just hope on your visit to the States and Canada it is just as Beautiful. I know we have lost over leaves but it is early here.
     Wonderful Blog and your new album is Outstanding. I have missed coming here Suki.
    Love Lisa xo

  10. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki.
                   Have a blast in the states and give them a reminder of what a true English lady is capable of 🙂
    Looking forward to viewing your photographs.
    Love Kenny x

  11. Suki x says:

    Wait till I get to the Boston Tea Party Kenny!!
    Thanks to all for all your kind comments, will be away for a couple of weeks in the US of A and will tell all on my return
    Suki xxxx

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