A Great Holiday


To New York


We have just returned from a holiday in the USA, and we had a great time, this is the first stage.   We flew in to JFK New York and stayed in a hotel on 34th and Lexington (note the New York Jargon)

New York 006

This is outside our hotel and that is a full sized statue.      (I am real though).  We have a friend who can trace his ancestors back to 1630 to a ‘Dutch She Trader’ who settled in New York, married well and with her husband traded between Europe, Africa and the West Indies, all manor of merchandise including slaves.

New York 035

This is their Manor House now a Museum

New York 023

As Loyalist they were attainted for treason during the American War of independence, their lands confiscated and they were turned out of America the land they owned reached from Manhattan to Sleepy Hollow (Near Yonkers) 

New York 075

This is the church yard at Sleepy Hollow made famous by Washington Irving in his tale ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ and this is Old Bill who showed us around the Dutch Church which was built by my friends ancestors.

On to more Iconic features of New York! New York 185 We had a most beautiful day for our visit to the Statue of Liberty, we were not able to go up into the statue because of security and also if you wanted to visit the museum in the base you needed to buy your tickets before you arrived on the island, but there is plenty to see in the parkland around the statue.


The boat trip is also an opportunity to view Manhattan’s Sky line from a different perspective.

Manhatten Syk Line

The Empire State Building was another ‘must’ on our list.  New York 113The security here was similar to the Airport, shoes and belts to be removed, bags wallets and coats placed in a tray and x-rayed, a metal sensitive arch to walk through and if they liked the look of you a body search!!  We were there early and not too many people there but it still took about an hour to get through it all and take the lift to the top, where the views were well worth the effort.


New York 234

This is looking North West to the Hudson river and up state (Note the jargon again!!)   We spent a day just walking around New York and visited Maceys, Fifth Avenue, The Rockafella Center, Central Park and Times Square, here are some friendly New York Cops

New York 282

Tired by the days events we decided to get a bus back thinking them to be like London Busses I asked for ‘2 to 34th and Lexington please’  The driver said are you visitors, well you have just got yourself a free ride!!, (purchase your ticket before you get on) He had been a London Bus driver and was full of chat.  This was how we found all the New Yorkers, the service was always superb and everyone so friendly and helpful, (exception was the guys in the T Mobile shop, who wouldn’t even attempt to get my phone to work for me)

Hudson River Valley New York 032  New York 339

This is just the first stage, we then caught the Train from Grand Central Station and traveled up the Hudson Valley to Niagara Falls.


But more of this another time Watch this space if you are still interested and not fallen asleep with boredom!!  


Suki x



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6 Responses to A Great Holiday

  1. Kenneth says:

    Great photos you have here Suki, bet you had a whale of a time.  Over there in Americee.
    I think  Old Bill looks like the £aird.   only kidding .
    Pleased to read you had such a wonderful time and I look forward to the next episode.
    I will be back
    love  Kenny x  

  2. Horst says:

    How can anyone be bored with your fantastic explanations and photos. Great photos Suki. It looks like you had a great Vacation, please show us more.

  3. RedWillow ♥ Photography / Lisa says:

    Hi Suki, Love love the images of your tip. The cops look like they were having some fun with you.
    I have always wanted to see NY.. I bet the shopping was good. 🙂
    Cant wait to see more.
    Have a beauiful Day
    Love Lisa
    I love the new Photos of you. Very Very Nice. 🙂

  4. Dusty says:

    Thanks for sharing that Suki and pleased you enjoyed the trip so much.
    Great blog as always – well done.

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,
    I always be happy when I see a comment from you, It seems you enjoyed the trip with out problems that’s good hear about it.
    The pictures are very nice with information that I enjoyed so much. NO time for boredom!
    Have a great day,

  6. Kenneth says:

    Those New York New York cop’s, look like a gang of scruffy scaffolders on their tea brake.

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