New York to Niagara

The train from New York was fully sold out but everyone who had a ticket had a seat unlike the British railways!!  The Fall colours along the Hudson valley were unbelievable and the train chugged along no hurry.

New York 339

We arrived at Niagara station to find Taxi’s waiting for us right on the platform how about that for service!  Although the Niagara American falls are so beautiful it is best to view them from the Canadian side.

Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 014 

This was all very easy just show your passport and away you go foot path to Canada over the Rainbow bridge

American Holiday (Fuji) 055

This is the American falls, we were so lucky to have such a beautiful day

American Holiday (Fuji) 097

This is Horseshoe Falls, we took the little boat Maid of the Mist right up to the base of the falls it was such and exhilarating ride

American Holiday (Fuji) 105

This was a Hydro Electric Power Station above the fallsAmerican Holiday (Fuji) 092 and we saw lots of rainbows like this one, also the birds seemed to love the water resting on near by rocks and getting covered in spray.  That evening we went to the Syklon Tower which has a revolving restaurant at the top which gave us a panoramic night view of the falls as the coloured lights played on them changing them  from Red to Blue to Green etc, a lovely meal (but we nearly had to mortgage the house when we got the bill!!).    Day two at Niagara the weather Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 198American Holiday (Fuji) 121

Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 228 

was not so good, we took the people mover to the Botanic gardens and visited the butterfly conservatory, a wonderful place to observe the butterflies and a paradise for photographers.  We had a pass for the People Mover so we took the full journey along side the river Niagara makingAmerican Holiday (Fuji) 080 the most of the the view from the warmth and comfort of the bus.   The next stop was to the tunnels where  we could go down right behind the water curtain and right along side.

For me Niagara was a highlight of the holiday I have wanted to visit this place since I was a child and I am so glad we made it here, I recommend it to everyone.  Two days is sufficient time to see it all.

Next stop Boston where we pick up a car and travel into Massachusetts to witness the spectacular  colours of New England in the fall.

So say with me folks more to come

Suki x


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4 Responses to New York to Niagara

  1. Bonnie-Land says:

    Hey girl, welcome home, been waiting for your pictures to show up.  Couldn’t quite hear you yell Hello from Niagra Falls, guess
    the noise from the water was too loud.  Any who, sure gald you had a wonderful time, hope mother nature waited, and left you
    massive color’d trees to take lots of pictures, can’t wait to see them.  These pictures are lovely, haven’t been to Niagra since 1968.
    Seems things have changed a lot, guess I should plan another trip.
    Wishing you well my friend, dont keep us waiting too long for more pictures, OK?
    Always in friendship, Hugs and God Bless, Bonnie

  2. Kenneth says:

    Brilliant Suki simply brilliant.  Terry and I are planing a visit to America, yes indeed. We shall be chugg chugg chugging out of the river tees in the Spring. Down the east coast into the English chanel and then full speed ahead across the pond. Should take us about 2 years.  As if !!!  
    Love the last pic of the fall’s, but all are very nice to see. 
    For sure you look like you were having a barrle of fun. Talking of barrels …!

  3. Horst says:

    Wonderfull photos, Suki

  4. Michiko's says:

    The photos is wonderful I’m glad your drem came through to see Niagara falls that you were lucky one…
    and the butterfly are beautiful Suki!
    Have a great day,

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