From Niagara to Boston and beyond!


From Niagara we took a flight from Buffalo Airport to Boston where we collected our car, although anxious about driving on the wrong side of the road Peter did well and we found the Toll road route 90 having paid the toll right through to West Stockbridge at the very end we then exited through the wrong gate, unable to hand in our receipt and on returning home found we had a ‘Traffic Violation’ oh well something else to brag about!!  Our Hotel her was the Shaker Mill Inn a small B & B run by Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 272  Bob and Mary and their beautiful little dog Annie

 Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 283

from here we drove around some of the most beautiful New England countryside, and witnessed the changing colours of the Fall (Autumn as we know it LOL) Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 328    We also visited a Shaker village who were celebrating Halloween,Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 336 and viewed some of their exhibits but always the star of the show was Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 295 the colours of Nature all around us.

Eventually we were on our way to Boston and this is where the ‘FUN’ began! We had a Sat-Nav but there are so many tunnels, underpasses and bridges in Boston that it was most difficult to get around twice we saw our hotel and were whisked right passed it in the fast lane!! Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 355 Well we eventually arrive and the wonderful man on reception upgraded our room to the top floor with this wonderful view of Boston.  From Boston we visited The landing site of the Pilgrim Fathers, Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 366 originally inhabited by Native American Indians, Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 385 this is a view from the top of the church in a room where they kept the canon! Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 426   we also visited a replica of the Mayflower docked in Plymouth Harbor The following day we went to Cape Cod and visited Chatham. New england and whale watching 035 This is a most beautiful place, but remember we are now outside the holiday season very few people around New england and whale watching 052 soft white sand blue sea and lagoons inhabited by sea birds, the light  was absolutely perfect for photography, New england and whale watching 058  the weather was so warm for the end of October.

The last day was spent Whale watching,New england and whale watching 202   we were not so lucky with the weather!  It tipped down with rain and and a gale blew and the little boat rocked this way and that,New england and whale watching 229    but we saw some whales, the pictures are not as good as I hoped but that’s an excuse to go back and take some more.

Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 304

Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 406 

New York 057             Niagara Falls and The Berkshires 010

Thank you for accompanying me whilst I remember my holiday in the USA, if you have enjoyed it please visit again


Love Suki x


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12 Responses to From Niagara to Boston and beyond!

  1. Horst says:

    I enjoyed very much going through your vacation with you. It looks like you had a great time, and your photos are absolutely fantastic. You should write a book of your travels to the US, just a thought. I am so glad you had a good visit. I hope you have more photos, you do such a good job with your camera. Keep the photos coming. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Horst says:

    Love the photo of your husband on the pumpkin. Great expression.

  3. Dusty says:

    Thanks Suki – just shared your last 2 blogs and wonderful photos.
    Sounds like you plan to go again though – tell Peter to get saving up.

  4. Coffee With Kate says:

    Hello Suki, thanks for your visit to my page, always lovely to read your notes when popping by.
    I have ‘waded’ through your photographs and read your potted snippets of your journey. All sounds and looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Lots of love to you

  5. Gareth says:

    Is not it good when we prove them wrong?  Love your blog it took me away!!

  6. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Suki,What a wonderful trip…..and the pictures are grand! For me it was special since all the sites are my back yard. Right now I live in the upper Hudson Valley and border the Hancock Village. (Shaker Village.) I agree, we do have beautiful fall foliage and your pictures reflect the beauty of this season. Family often take the train from Albany to NY and back. I too love Niagara Falls and as I started looking at your pictures was hoping you took the Lady of the Mist. That for me is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I’m glad you enjoyed Boston and NY City. The B&B must have been a delight. What a wonderful trip. Glad it was memorable for both of you. Next trip should be WDC. Talk soon. Bittersweet

  7. Kuskulana says:

    Hi Suki, I saw most of these on flickr and now reading your description here it makes me want to visit New England even more!Hugs from Alaska

  8. Embrace says:

    Good Day Susie..What an amazing Trip you had. I love the waves. Beautiful Photos. Every Photo you have in this blog is stunning. Im stuck here for a while looking into anouther world almost. Love the Night Lights. !!!!I glad you were able to get some photos of the Changing fall colors. Have a Great Day. Im off to work . 🙂

  9. Deborah says:

    Suki the pictures are wonderful! It looks like you had a great trip. I hope next time you’ll visit Seattle. Oh btw, when I visited Plymouth, MA and went on board the Mayflower, I was struck by the tiny space that over a hundred people shared, and even more appalled that three pregnancies occured during that crossing. Sheesh!Blessed be

  10. Embrace says:

    Thanks for stopping Suki..Glad you did. I m still loving your night lights. It is Breathaking. Something I dont see or very often living in the Country. It takes my breath away. Still also love love your waves. Stop again soon. Its hard to get around but just follow my link from here. Im still getting used to it. Im decorating my Christmas tree and having some fun.Have a Great Day or Night. Love Lisa xoIs your weather nice. Do you have snow. ?

  11. Europa's says:

    Great photos and I did enjoy the trip thanks!! Good holiday that was!!! 😉

  12. Kenneth says:

    Hello Darlink. Just popped in to say thank you for your comments on my space, and what do i find ! i find that i have not commented on this post. Yet I have seen these wonderful pictures before. the wave is my fav, but all are very good indeed.Pumpkin Pete is a great picture very funny love it.Right, I am off for a walk with Cherno, have to blow my tubes out daily or I will seize up lol.Thinking of Kenny x

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