Cold here in the Wildwood

Snow in the Wildwood 026

Cold here in the Wildwood


Suki x


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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8 Responses to Cold here in the Wildwood

  1. Bonnie-Land says:

    Hey gal, nice picture, lovely snow and running water, what more could you ask for, lol. Sunshine and warmer temps i guess.Have a great week, hope Mother Nature begins to be nice to everyone, she has thrown a monkey wrench into things everywherethis year. Be safe and stay warm, have a great week my friend, Hugs B

  2. Horst says:

    Very nice photo, and it really looks cold. Hope things warm up soon. Keep smiling and keep warm.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Lovely photo Suki. Errrrmm…do you not think it may look better in colour.

  4. Europa's says:

    How did I manage to miss this post? Notifications are taking longer and longer to come through at the mo. 😦 Good pic….look like some serious snow drifts in the background….

  5. Embrace says:

    Wow Suki. I bet your not used to this kind of snow. Our weather around the world is sure changing. I dont know why . I do know that this is a Stunning Winter Image.Hugs xo

  6. Mei's says:

    WOW! This is beautiful Suki. Love Mei

  7. Dusty says:

    NO to any colour Kenny – it’s fab as it is.Dustyx

  8. Kenneth says:

    I thought it was in colour Dusty…it was just my feeble attempt at at joke 🙂

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