Essex or St.Moritz?

Essex or St. Moritz?


All the Essex schools were closed on Tuesday, Why?  Not enough staff could get in or perhaps the heating had broken down?  I can’t remember ever missing school when the weather was bad, but then it was a long time ago!!  However we got called in for child care, and decided to take them to Weald Park February 005   South Weald Park, where the snow lay deep and soft and the gentle slopes made ideal toboggan runs.

Weald Park February 020

You can see the overview of the park this shot is taken from the site of the old house which was taken down in the 1950s to avoid paying death duties! Weald Park February 029       This is all that remains and is the entrance to the house with a staircase up either side great fun to play there at any time of the year! as you can see quite a good slope which got quite fast, Weald Park February 079and if you look carefully you can see Rory’s blood soaked jacket but not enough damage to stop the fun! Weald Park February 081

Racing start!  Do you go faster with your eyes closed or with your mouthWeald Park February 133  Weald Park February 134        


The deer looked on with amusement benefitting from the extra Weald Park February 147 

visitors and carrots being handed out.Weald Park February 180  Now what I like about this picture is the way the light is reflected in the ice, the ducks are out of focus but who cares by the time Live Writer has finished with my pictures you won’t even notice!Weald Park February 196

Two take a tumble 

Weald Park February 214  Brilliant this speed blur in PS

And now heading for McD’s Honestly a Big Mac tastes quite nice when you are hungry

Weald Park February 239     And lastly I think I have found the next Christmas card!!

I hope you all have enjoyed the snow as much as we have but I am glad to say the schools are open today!

I got caught by a speed camera just before Christmas and have to attend a Speed Awareness Course this afternoon, watch this space and I will tell you all abut it!!


Suki x







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11 Responses to Essex or St.Moritz?

  1. Kenneth says:

    The combination of sunshine and snow can create wonderful effects. The ante penultimate photo is so full of action and motion, with the snow flying up from the front of the sleigh. I love it.

  2. Embrace says:

    Great Blog and you sure had alot of fun its not hard to tell looking at your amazing shots. Ha.. Stop speeding. Im a fine one to talk. Much Love.and I loved all your fun filled images. Nice Photography Suki.

  3. Mei's says:

    Enjoy the snow! We don’t have it every year! love pics. Mei

  4. Europa's says:

    That was fun! A blog well worth waiting for! They’re great photos, you really captured the moment in them and the action ones are very impressive. If you can’t have fun in the snow when can you?…lol…. I liked the one of the deer too….it looks like it’s posing for the camera!

  5. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,It has been a long time no see, I liked the all your photos and specially the dacks one is nice.It seems you are enjoying the cold snows that first person to enjoy cold weather and other blogs friends are waiting for the spring times. well everybody is differnts isn’t it? we had hot weather 44c tomorrow. Have a great day,MichikoMichiko

  6. michael says:

    They may not be in school but are learning nature at it’s best or at it’s worse whaterver your views are on the weather it’s all part of life so we should enjoy it after all it will not be here forever and we can get back to the wonderfull summers we getr here in the UK I dont think so LOL all the best to you .Sheila &Mike

  7. Kuskulana says:

    What a winter wonderland you show here Suki, I love it.My favorite is that second to last of the little girl speeding!I rather think that you you Suki, a little girl speeding along :)>Hugs from Alaska!!

  8. Dusty says:

    Great photos Suki – loved the SPEED one – well done…….I almost wished I was there.LoveDustyx

  9. gerberdaisy says:

    Your pictures really capture one snowy fun filled afternoon! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Horst says:

    Love the phoos Suki, I can’t believe the Deer in England are so tame. It is wonderfull to see the children have so much fun.

  11. PEP says:

    Looks like everyon had fun and yes I believe tht will be a great Christmas card. I’ll be back to find out about the awareness class.

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