Spring is on its way


I went to visit my friend in her new flat and stopped at the florists to buy her a plant, I so fell in love with it that I bought one for myself, clearly it Calla 001                          had to have it’s photo taken.

But spring is on its way in the garden too, the hellebores are out and I caught this one on Garden March 004V2

    Wednesday morning after an overnight deluge. These beautiful hardy plants come in all colours, Garden March 017V2I have a beautiful dark red variety but with the present lighting I cannot get a decent shot of it however I will keep trying. Garden March 022V2 The Snowdrops are nearly over now and making way for the daffodils, Spring is on its way we will all be glad to see the end of this long cold damp winter.

On a lighter note it’s daughter’s birthday tomorrow and she requested a Hedgehog cake!!! hello! 41 and you still want a hedgehog!! Hedgehog cake 005 but I made it for her anyway!

It looks as if it is being beamed down from a space ship, well may be it comes from Europa, and is afraid of Ice wolves! 


Take care and follow your dreams


Suki x


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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10 Responses to Spring is on its way

  1. Kuskulana says:

    Those hellebores are beautiful SukiI have never heard of a Hedgehog cake!Looks sweet…Hugs from a still wintery Alaska

  2. Suki x says:

    Steve! I wonder if you get hedgehogs in Alaska they hibernate in the winter I fear their days in the sunshine would be very few in Alaska but then your bears hibernate too but they are much bigger ….. thought for the day! Do hedgehogs live in Alaska??

  3. Kenneth says:

    Lovely flowers as always Suki. Just what we need to see at this time of year. I don’t think visitors to my space would appreciate watching a video of me singing. I would probably be reported for pollution of the airwaves lol.RE: the prickly subject of hedgehog cake… I don’t think it is frightened of ice wolves, I think it would be the other way about.Just looking at it gives me the willies. Guess it tastes nice though. Have a wonderful day tomorrow Suki. Kenny x

  4. Horst says:

    Suki, we have porcupines in this part of the world.

  5. Horst says:

    You have a photo of a beautifull Cala Lilly, it is one of my favorites.

  6. Embrace says:

    Hi Suki.. What a Beautiful Post . Im in love with the Third flower.. Its perfect to me. wow. You did all these so Beautifully . Hope all is well across the Pond. We had a Blizzard again today with some more snow. Spring for me is still a ways away.Love Lisa xo

  7. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,I all fogot about a bad things (weather) in here, all these wonderful photos a specially overnight deluge the hellbores plus a beautiful cake that you made.Have a great day,Michiko

  8. Europa's says:

    Lol….! Your skillfully designed hedgehog has good reason to be afraid of Ice Wolves if it’s going to sit so temptingly rit under our noses oozing edibility like that! The ones on Europa are not so appetising….giant spikes and huge teeth! Us Ice Wolves learn what our running legs are for very rapidly on encountering one….lolSo you’ve brought spring to spaces! Great photos and the flowers are amazing….Have a lovely weekend:-)

  9. Sheila says:

    I came looking for the window cleaner (hoping it was the male version ?!? ) but found these gorgeous flowers. So glad to find you still enjoying your photography. These are beautiful, Suki. And that Hedgehog, I love the frosting! I will try to invite you from Hurricane Lane because I don’t spend much time at Running On much anymore. Between everything, I just can’t keep up.Still it is so good to find you are doing so well and staying happy, must be all that yoga!l and hSheila

  10. Deborah says:

    It was snowing in the Greater Seattle area today, not at my house per se but close. I can’t believe that spring is just around the corner, but I confess I went out in my garden clogs and started picking up all the fallen branches scattered everywhere, and pulled leaves from the flower beds where I discovered many crocus close to blooming. The buds on the daffodils are swelling, so yes, I guess Spring is about to be sprung. I love the cake!!! My son and his wife have a pet hedgehog who is adorable.blessed be

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