Warley Place

Spring has arrived


Spring has arrived and last Saturday we made out first visit of the year to Warley place.  This is the remains of a garden which used to be owned by the Willmot family,who moved there in 1875 but it was the daughter ellen_ann_willmott  Ellen Anne who inherited in 1891 who really transformed the grounds into one of the most celebrated gardens in the country.   She soon made a name for herself and had many royal visitors and received RHS Medal of Honour in Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Year, 1897. The other was Gertrude Jekyll.  Sadly she spent all her money on the garden and died, in 1934, almost penniless.  The gardens were saved at the last moment from going under the builders Jack Hammer by a purchaser who allowed them to fall into disrepair but have now been leased to The Essex Naturalist Trust and every year they get better and better, we were a little late for the Snowdrops

Miss Wilmott's March 2009 031

   but there were still many to view, but the main reason for our visit was to see the daffodils, Miss Wilmott's March 2009 045 more glorious than ever before they spread like a golden carpet across meadows and between paths  with little stopping places here and there with seats for the weary!! Miss Wilmott's March 2009 054V1 One does not usually think of Essex as having fine hill top views but it does have its moments and here is one of them, a break in the trees  reveals a meadow full of daffodils and in the distance on a fine day you can see the Dome and Canary Wharf, about 20 miles away.    There are also a Miss Wilmott's March 2009 065        Miss Wilmott's March 2009 044couple couple of bird hides there with quite a bit of activity usually but this time I was only lucky enough to catch this Mallard showing off to her mate. This garden is worth a visit all the year around but Spring is probably the best, next month we have the bluebells and they are followed by a magnificent display of fox gloves so watch this space if you would like to see more, come and walk with me and meet Miss Ellen Wilmott and see her legacy


Suki x



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3 Responses to Warley Place

  1. Horst says:

    What a beautifull Place, I could spend a lot of time there. We have a few places like this in Canada. Thank you for the walk around, and by the way, great photos.

  2. Kuskulana says:

    Nothing quite like going down a ath in a field of flowers.Thank you for sharing your spring, it is simply lovely Suki.Hugs from me in Alaska

  3. Mei's says:

    Interesting history of the garden, I love walking and visit gardens, like to hear and read about history garden, hubby and me starting visit Ngs garden last year for first time, I fall in love with one, it’s so beautiful, would like to go back again this year. Can I join you for the walk for this garden Suki? 🙂 Mei

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