RHS London Orchid Show Seedlings



Flask Seedlings


During our visit to the London Orchid show I bought some seedlings in flasks to grow on, I am either a glutton for hard work, or I like a challenge, I like to think it is the latter! Ochids and indoor plants March 009 Here is the flask when I first opened it the orchid is Aerides houlettiana and if you follow the link you will see what it should look like in a few years time.  I bought this seedling from a stand run by students from Writhlington School and if you follow the link you will see what an enterprising group they are.  I potted them up on Tuesday (the orchids not the students!) and they seem to have grown Ochids and indoor plants March 020 already, I took the opportunity to repot my other orchids at the same time, I have a large pot bound Cymbidium and a Slipper Orchid , the Cymbidium has just finished re-flowering so it seems according to the books a good time to repot.  The Slipper was in flower when I bought it but has never obliged since, so far both look good and are not suffering from shock.  While we were at the show I also Ochids and indoor plants March 021bought  a  Parviflora – Lesser Tongued Orchid, which is supposed to be hardy and stay in the ground all year around, this cost £10 and there were about 20 plants contained in the flask, I think this was quickly out growing it’s container as some of the leaves looked very sad, how ever it seems to enjoy being potted on and has put on some growth.  I have no intention of putting it in the ground as it is like taking a £10 note and burying it in the garden never to be seen again, I will nurture and cosset it until it hopefully grows into a fine specimen.RHS orchid show and London 040 

Here are some examples of the beautiful orchids on view here at the show,

 RHS orchid show and London 062  this one was awarded ‘best in show by an amateur grower’.

RHS orchid show and London 069 

And this one I loved just because it is PINK

This blog is for my personal record, but happy to share it with anyone who like me is nutty about Orchids or just loves their sheer beauty, there will be further updates as time goes by and you can see how successful (or not) I have been


Suki x


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6 Responses to RHS London Orchid Show Seedlings

  1. Mei's says:

    Hi Suki, nice to see you visit, don’t know about the show, otherwise I might see you there, haven’t been anywhere for a ages, I’ll come back to read more later, got to have my tea now, back soon. Mei

  2. Mei's says:

    I’m back, its early! went to bed about 9 last night been very busy and very tired lately, up early and gone to bed around 8 some night. I love coming here to read about your flower and thank you for sharing those beautiful pics of your flower photos, you know what i like thank you for visiting, could I add you on my list again? My friend…. miss you! Mei

  3. Michiko's says:

    WOW! Here is your lovely pictures the orchid flowers and as you said the pink colour is more attractive for the ladys…uslol!I hope your new orchids grows safely in the pots.As same time I thinking about Marie and prince hiku? do you remember? they used to have a beautiful space too.Just likes yours. Thank you for visits Suki!Have a great weekend,Michiko

  4. Europa's says:

    Well I’m glad you didn’t pot the students!lol….Slipper Orchids…what a lovely name…brings some fascinating visions to mind! And a Lesser Tongued one…an intriguing thought ;)) Brilliant photography….very professional…look forward to your updates 🙂 x

  5. Horst says:

    I love orchids, but am not good at growing them. I tried once without sucess. The ones you are displaying here a just beautifull. I wish you luck with your new orchids.

  6. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Suki…..These orchids are lovely. The "pink one" that you really love, is truly a beauty! I also love the one in the "Flask." But I must say….you have taken on a challenge. But what an accomplishment when you achieve a bloom. That will be splendid! Bittersweet

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