Wildwood in April

The Wildwood in April


What has been happening in the Wildwood just recently?  Well Spring

Gardne April 049   has well and truly arrived with the cheerful daffodils, and the shy and

Gardne April 064 retiring (like me) little wind flowers otherwise known as Wood Anemone.


Tulips 031resized 

My daughter gave me a bunch of Tulips and when I looked closely see what I found. She jumped out and ran away before I could catch her, I was lucky to get a picture as she doesn’t often stay this still.



Wedding anniversary flowers 010





More lilies, which I love for their beauty and colour







A quick visit to Morgan’s garden but he was nowhere to be seen, I spotted this beautiful flowering cherry tree. Hutton Hall Garden April 005            On the way out there he was guarding the gate and with a friendly wave of his paw he howled his regards to Cherno!


Abbottsbury Swannery


Over the Easter break we went to visit my Brother BOB who lives in Dorset on the South Coast, Abbotsbury Swanary and Marion 040 We went to visit Abbottsbury, which is a truly amazing place, you can walk right up to the swans on their nests, the sanctuary is situated close to the Chesil Beach where thereAbbotsbury Swanary and Marion 103 is plenty of room for them to fly in                 Abbotsbury Swanary and Marion 104   This impressive flapping of wings is by the young males who have not yet found a mateAbbotsbury Swanary and Marion 105 and they are signaling to the girls to show them how great Abbotsbury Swanary and Marion 113 they are.

I hope you liked your visit to a small part of the South Coast, join me again soon


Love Suki x





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4 Responses to Wildwood in April

  1. Horst says:

    Beautifull flower shot Suki. Also the 2 swans looking at each other is very nice Thanks for sharing.

  2. Europa's says:

    Lol…you…shy and retiring??? You don’t strike me that way! lol ;)) Then again neither do daffs! Beautiful photos the wildwood is excellent form and looks to be blooming happily 😉 Love the tulip….how did you do that!! Very clever…lol Impressive swans…flapping of the wings by young attached males seems to be the norm at the mo…lol…the human ones are certainly doing their best to prove their greatness in my neck of the woods!! ;)) Nowhere near as impressive as Abbottsbury swans it has to be said!

  3. says:

    Suki.. Just stunning photos!!!. You have made me want to get out my camera . Each photo is so Beautiful. Nice work as always. I love the Swans too. As I write this its just starting to snow here again. Its not that cold or Im just so used to it. Have a great week. Love and Hugs

  4. says:

    and YES , I loved my visit here.

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