Wildwood in May

Wildwood in May

May is the most beautiful time of the year, the dawn chorus wakes us earlier and earlier, and this year so far the weather has been kind to us.  Wildwood and orchids 001  The birds have all found suitable nesting places and are busy hatching their babies or feeding hungry young beaks with worms caterpillars and what ever else they can find. Wildwood and orchids 003   The spring blossom and flowers are bursting out and this is why I want to take you for a walk in the Wildwood.   You may think it strange to have apple blossom in the woods but this is the first tree you see, we hare hoping

Wildwood Bluebell time 093         Wildwood Bluebell time 100    to get a good crop this year.  We follow the path and here the bluebells unfold before you, they are as far as the eye can see and the fragrance hits you the light floral of the bluebells along with the sweet mossy smell of the woodland floor.  There many species of wild flowers here for all to see and HDR Orchid 29      Wildwood and orchids 046V1 

At there best just now are the wild orchids, they are in a clearing which

 Wildwood and orchids 030   Wildwood and orchids 019V1   is quite difficult to get to and surrounded by trees and bluebells.

You must watch where you walk in the Wildwood for fear of crushing aWildwood and orchids 048         Hannah bluebell  Fairy  delicate flower or plant, if you are very quiet and still  you may spot one of these.  I will bring you more news of the Wildwood as the seasons change, I hope you have enjoyed your walk with me.


Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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10 Responses to Wildwood in May

  1. Horst says:

    Suki, I have enjoyed your walk in the wildwood, very much. I also think that your little pixie is very cute. It is so nice to see all those bluebells growing wild.

  2. Suki x says:

    Thanks Horst, I heard a statistic the other day which said over 50% of the worlds bluebells are in the UK, and we are such a tiny group of islands!!Suki x

  3. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,I always be happy when I see a comment from you, Thank you for sharing a beautiful the wildwood that I njoyed very much..How is Morgan(Dog)?My younger son’s family are safety back to this morning, Thank you .Happy mother day to you.Michiko

  4. Deborah says:

    Great pictures! I finally purchased a Sony DSLR this last weekend and it will be delivered next Monday. I am so excited. Was it difficult learning to use your camera? Is yours a Nikon? I can’t remember. blessed be

  5. Mei's says:

    Good morning Suki, nice to see you dropping in, the builder are pain in the butt, they are! I might need to get someone to do it and take it off the maintenance, do you know anyone can do the job! 😉 About the statistics, not sure what you mean, but its under options in your front page or go to your window live messenger pics click "go to your space" hope this help! Your little angle are so cute, how did you do it? Have a nice day. Mei

  6. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki. Lovely photo’s as usual, just wondered if those blue bells are English or Spanish, they look English to me ? Love the old tree stump, puts me in mind of one of those great red woods with a road running through it.Have a great weekend.Love Kenny x

  7. andrew says:

    good afternoon from a very wet glasgow ,lovely pics suki will have to spend time and check out the rest of your site thanks for sharing drew

  8. Europa's says:

    Lol…your wildwood does harbour some interesting wildlife! She’s very pretty! ;)) Beautiful pics…the wildwood is a lovely place and I very much enjoyed the walk thanks ;)) x

  9. Cherno says:

    I like trees.

  10. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Suki……very lovely. Thank you. Bittersweet

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