Visit to London

A Visit to London


It started out a beautiful day and we had been promising ourselves a visit it London for some time.  We took the train to the O2 and there we boarded the London and The Tower 006  Thames Clipper a super catamaran  commuter service which goes from the O2 to the Eye.London and The Tower 009 By this time the weather had clouded over though it was not cold just cloudy and dull not what you want for photos on the Thames. London and The Tower 021 We left the pier and started up towards the city.  The Fleet Air Arm were celebrating 100 years of service a so HMS Illustrious an air craft carrier was moored at Greenwich.  There was a fly past of helicopters over London at twelve noon.   It all looks pretty dull and gray doesn’t it? London and The Tower 081 Well I did my best to capture dramatic skies.  Well now we have some colour for you, we disembarked at the Tower of London, And these Fellers are The Yeoman  Warders more commonly known as Beef Eaters. Traditionally their duty is to guard the crown jewels but they are guides and make sure all is running smoothly with the visitors and dignitaries alike. London and The Tower 132   Here is an example the soldiers who guard the Tower are not allowed to move a muscle except in the execution of their duty, and the visitors take advantage of this and some quite unkindly.  A group of visitors were being quite rude and troublesome I was pleased to see a warder  take them to one side and read them the riot actLondon and The Tower 097        I think they all felt quite small as the tables were turned and everyone was looking at them!

London and The Tower 171This is the view from the Tower looking towards Tower Bridge as you can see the weather began to brighten up, and it was nearly time for home.  But one last jaunt for my camera,  I could see the Gherkin quite clearly from the river and from the Tower and as we walked towards it it kept disappearing behind other tall buildings, eventually we got there and here is one view of it still partly hiding. We walked on to the train station and sooooooo relieved to sit down, but it was a good day out I hope you have enjoyed it too


Suki x


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12 Responses to Visit to London

  1. Europa's says:

    Hey Suki! You were rit on my doorstep! You should have dropped in for a coffee and a choccie biccie or 2! I was up at Tower Bridge/TofLond couple wk ends ago….beautiful day too but my photos were rubbish! Yours are amazing! They look so professional…wish I had those photography skills 🙂 Very enjoyable day out thank you!! ;))

  2. Horst says:

    Thank you Suki, for inviting us on your trip to London, Even though the weather was cloudy the photos were great. I love it when you show us your little trips. We all get to see some very interesting things, like the Gherkin Building.

  3. Bittersweet on-the-hill. says:

    Hello Suki……Stopping by to say hello. Your photos brough back memories of my trip to London many years ago. What is new is the Gherkin! I’m not familiar with that building at all. Is it a museum or office space. Interesting to say the least. They say grey, cloudy skies give you some of the best contrasts and subtleties in pictures. Our weather here across the pond is very similar to your day. Rainy, windy and only in the 50’s. I actually have the woodstove going to kick out the dampness.We’re starting our gardens. Somethings are starting to pop out. I’ll be happy to enjoy some fresh produce. Several years ago the Cutty Sark burned down. Have they restored it yet? I do remember seeing that. I think I took a boat from there up to Kew Gardens. Anyway, my friend. be well and good gardening. Bittersweet

  4. Deborah says:

    I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that. What I’ve seen of London has always made me want to save my pennies for the trip, but to see it through your eyes was quite fun. I live so close to Seattle that I can easily walk downtown, yet we are proud to possess one of the only dirt driveways still left in the city. Surrounded by trees, the city doesn’t know we are there. It’s cool, and your photo and story walkabout of London has inspired me to share my city. I must get busy with that new camera.Blessed bePS I have seen the Gherkin Building (is that the real name?) in several movies. Always wondered what it was. Could you enlighten us?

  5. Jorge says:

    Thanks for sharing these; they remind me how much I miss London, and how I need to go back, if no other reason, then to visit my niece. Be well,J.

  6. Michiko's says:

    Thank you for sharing these pictures,it was very interesting to seen other side of world.The soldiers hat: They made from the bears and noe they are talking about changing to an artificial? I think that it doesn’t matter?…Big Hugs,Michiko

  7. says:

    Suki. I have always wanted to see the Guards. Thanks .What a wonderful entry . Amazing entry as always. Thanks for sharing it and also for stopping by . Sending Hugs across the PondLisa

  8. Kenneth says:

    Hello Suki. Love the past and present conjunction of the Gherkin monstrosity and the lovely old tower building. It stands proud a relic, a link to London’s past. In contrast, the monstrosity could do with a ton of gelignite under it. That should blast it into space where it belongs.Pleased you had a nice day, Guess it will be Chelsea flower show for you next. :)Love Kenny xMichiko… It matters. You try standing in the sun all day with a bear skin on your head.

  9. dying2die says:

    hi my sis lives in London my parents have seen it not me i dont like travelling and i stay to myself, but dekinitely u musthave enjoyed. the world is made to be explored. Regards

  10. Dusty says:

    Hi SukiI don’t blog now but had a quick look at this and it’s brill – well done.loveDustyxOm Shanti

  11. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,How are you? I hope you are doing well….Big Hugs,Michiko

  12. Mei's says:

    Hey Suki, where is the holiday pics! 🙂 Take your time…. I am still waiting! LOL……Just come in to wish my old friend a relaxing weekend. Meips: sorry, i mean my beautiful friend! 🙂

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