Spanish Holiday

A holiday in Southern Spain


We spent a holiday in June this year at The Finca el Cerrillo a restored 200 year old farmhouse situated high in the foothills of the Sierra Almijara region of southern Spain.DSCF4935 A beautiful place to relax with friends new and old and like minded people.  we were a group of 15 people all local to Essex and the object of the holiday was to improve our painting and sketching Spain  June 2009 198V2skills.  We were also able to go sight seeing and walk the many trails in the area.  And if you forgot your sun hat well there were plenty here to choose from!  There were many corners and nooks which were an artists paradise, especially the Moorish courtyard which looked as if it had been standing there for years but had been designed and built by the owner

Spain  June 2009 355 of the Finca.  We dined on the terrace in the evening with wonderful views over the mountainside Spain  June 2009 168and the warm balmy evenings well we  were a bit barmy when we had partaken of the delicious wine from the honesty bar, just sign out your bottle or your measure of spirit and it is all assigned to your bar bill. 

The Finca is a couple of miles from the nearest village and some evenings we were taken out to enjoy the ambiance of the locals,Spain  June 2009 047Frame on this occasion there was Spanish entertainment laid on the square was ablaze with lights and music with TV camera men and entertainers locals Spain  June 2009 050

and visitors mingling together, these four likely lads were the Flamenco   dancers,  and so was this one,

Spain  June 2009 031Spain  June 2009 027    and here is the waiter totting up our bill.

Another day out we went to the Caves at Nerja, the largest caves in Europe Spain  June 2009 237 they hold classical and pop concerts there the acoustics are so good this is just one example of the stalactites which are beautifully lit to show of the natural colours deposited over thousands of years. Spain  June 2009 294 Nerja is also famous as a seaside town and has the famous Balcon de Europe like a short but very glamorous pier open air cafes and wonderful Spain  June 2009 286                    Spain  June 2009 335 views.  Lots of sketching opportunities here and a chance to sit on the beach or drink a glass of wine.

Spain  June 2009 087V2On Sunday there was a festival going on in the National Park, the locals in there best clothes loaded the holy statues onto decorated carts and took them up into the mountains for   Spain  June 2009 097 a picnic.





      Everyone seemed to have a good time and the horses were left to graze beside the river in

   Spain  June 2009 112        the shade, a very peaceful setting

There are more photos in the Album, I hope you have enjoyed this little visit to Spain with me

Suki x



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30 Responses to Spanish Holiday

  1. Horst says:

    Absolutely great visit, I enjoyed your visit to Spain very much. Thank you for Sharing.

  2. Michiko's says:

    Welcome! I really enjoyed around Spain holiday’s pictures. Thank you for sharing Suki.

  3. Kenneth says:

    A lovely taste of Spain Suki (did it rain) love the horses resting in the shade. Reminds me of a cowboy film. Ermmmm…don’t suppose you jumped in the saddle, side saddle would be your style. Regal !!!Pleased you had a nice time. I am off to Kielder water for a few days. In search of "the big one" as usual :)take care Kenny x

  4. Kenneth says:

    ps. that is a lovely black and white dress you are waring 🙂

  5. Deborah says:

    Suki, I am astounded by the photos. Your talent grows, and how lucky that you got to go back to Spain. I sill haven’t made it yet, but I do planning on bumming around Europe eventually. Save a place on your couch for the crazy American on a budget. Lol, and Adios for now.blessed be

  6. Mei's says:

    Wish I were there…… painting holiday! Another dream ….. lovely photos Suki, thanks for sharing. Have a good weekend. Mei

  7. LAIRD says:

    Beautiful pictures sounds an ideal holiday. Kenneth you should know it only rains on the plain in Spain 😉

  8. Kenneth says:……So you saw My fair lady did you.

  9. Suki x says:

    Ha Ha Kenny I wish!!! but I would jump into the saddle with you and ride off into the sunset!suki

  10. Kenneth says:

    A horse a horse my kingdom for a horse !!!

  11. Europa's says:

    Very nice of you to take us all on holiday to Spain with you! Love the photos and the album…look out for stowaways on your next holiday! ;))

  12. Suki x says:

    well we are taking the car on the ferry for the next holiday any one who wants to stow away jump on board now!!Suki x

  13. Mei's says:

    I am the first to jump…… don’t left me behind this time Suki! :-)Well, drove to Devon its a visit I own my friend, want to do it for ages, never got the gut to drive, next time I hope I can driving on my own…. will I ^~~^ I will.

  14. Europa's says:

    Juuuummmppiiinnnnnng!! An’ I wan’ front seeeeaaatt!!!!! If not I will hoooooowwwwlll all the way to our destination! As such a wolfie life jacket will prob be required on the ferry should someone choose to sling my wolfie presence ov-board 😉 Do not enjoy getting wet…so it’s that or I throw my wolfie paws around the pleasent gentlemanly Kenny’s neck and hope he will nobly jump in and rescue moi in the hour of need ;)) HOOOOOoooooowwwWWWWllllll!!!

  15. Kenneth says:

    Cometh the hour cometh the man. Naturally I would rescue you Timid one. But I may have to apply mouth to mouth resuscitation afterwards. 😉

  16. Suki x says:

    looks as if it is going to be a fun cruise with lots of frolicking on deck!! Shame it will only last 4 hours, still we are going to a party when we get there, So bring your high heels and your boob tube…….no not you Kenny!!! best smart casual for you, and no mouth to mouth till after midnight when the moon rises and the wolves hoooooooooowwwwwwwwwlllllll!Keep up Mei there is plenty of room!Suki x

  17. Kenneth says:

    I have already packed my Jockstrap and flip flops. If I need any extra clothing then I could always slip into my Wolf suit, after midnight of course :))

  18. Europa's says:

    ;)) Being rescued has never sounded so promising! Nor the midnight hour so attractive! Hooooooowwwwwwwlllll!!;))Party?!! Let’s go then! Sitting on front seat with wolfie paws up…sat nav at the ready..boob tube and hi heels packed…and raring to gOOOOOoooooo! NoooowwWWWW! BTW…if anyone else tries jumping in the front seat with me….I shall sit on them!HOOooooowwwwwWWWlllll! ;))

  19. Kenneth says:

    Laird, you are in the front seat !!!

  20. Suki x says:

    Who’s ever in the front seat look out when I change gear!! All got your sea sickness tabs? Right off we go what a fine bunch of party goers we make!Suki x

  21. Europa's says:

    LAIRD??!! Over my wolfie paw is anyone else squeezing into the already over-crowded front seat with me! Please remove yourself to the back one immediately Laird!! Now altogether everyone…(I know you are in fine voice today Suki!)…"We’re all going on a summer holiday…summer holidaaaaaay!…" ;))

  22. Michiko's says:

    I just come back to see good look at the photos, the caves at Nerja is a fantastic views, I have been to couple of caves but this is a superb. Ner’s seaside are beautiful and people lived at very high position from the sea level that automtically make me to think that they are safer from floods.Did you said take the car on the ferry for the next holiday, it sound pretty good to me Mei’s and I would be have lots of fun of course for everybody too.:-) PS: Me and Mei’s will be at back of seat thank you!

  23. Suki x says:

    Didn’t we have a wonderful time the day we went to Jersey? What a happy bunch of holiday makers we were, Mei with her new driving confidence drove all the way to the ferry with Michiko and loaded her car on with the aid of the beefy seamen! Wolfie sat in the front with me with her paws on the dash and hooooowling and waving to all the lorry drivers, Laird and Kenny in the back seat discussing world topics and global warming!On board Kenny got out his equipment and threw his rod and line overboard, to get us a nice catch for supper. Then off we went to the party on the five mile beach where Mei cooked Kenny’s fish on a bar-b-q, and quite delicious it was too. Wolfie had a wonderful time running up and down the beach in and out of the water and howling and baying at the moon Kenny the cool dude sat on a rock with a bottle of diet coke, and the laird danced us a highland fling in his kilt and tam o’shanta, lifting his sporran and waving his clamour. A fine time on this long beach for Michiko to be practicing her golf the whole beach is a bunker! And what did Suki do? Well she has photographic record of it all and it could be brought out at any time as evidence!Didn’t we have a wonderful time the day we went to Jersey? Yes all friends together we will do it again some time!Suki x

  24. Mei's says:

    Very good Picture Suki, I can see it all the way from my patio door with my dog next to me, looking down at that 5 mile long beach!:-) Have a good night Suki. Mei

  25. Horst says:

    You bet Suki, I wish I could have gone with all of you. The photos are great, you are getting to be a very good photographer.

  26. Europa's says:

    We did indeed ‘have a wonderful time the day we went to Jersey’!! And I saw you blowing kisses at those lorry drivers from the driving seat!!! Good of Kenny to catch our supper…but did you have to suggest that if he used WOLF for fish bait he mit have a better chance of catching ‘the big one’!! Must say Mei did a marvellous job with the bar-b-qd fish and Laird’s highland fling will be a ‘fish tail’ to tell for many holidays to come! And of course I was hooOOOwwWWling and baying on the beach…Michiko’s golf balls were like cannon balls when she hit me during golf practice! Or was that target practice?!! Waiting on impatient wolfie paws for our next hol’…and this time don’t go without that ‘Horst’ person!!! ;))

  27. Coffee With Kate says:

    Lovely Suki, you have taken us all on a fantastic ‘mind meander’ and as usual, your photographs are lovely too.Keep well special lady.Warm hugs from the Cape.

  28. Suki x says:

    Next time Horst will come as official photog!!Thanks all for your commentsSuki x

  29. Kuskulana says:

    To sit on a beach with a glass of wine, or take in a concert in the caves, or hang out with so many friends!Just looks splendid SukiHugs from Alaska

  30. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki!You are very busy with your photographer…..I just coming said hello! Have a great day,Michiko

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