We have just taken a few days break in the village of Wroxham in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. Norfolk November 09 001 Considering the amount of rain we have had recently the weather was very kind to us.  We borrowed ‘Poppy Cottage’ which belongs to our neighbors is  set right on the river Bure and has its own mooring right outside the back doors.Norfolk November 09 075 This area is low lying and in times passed the windmills were used to pump the water out of the land and channel it back to the sea, this mill is in a pretty village called Cley Next the Sea.  From here if you are fit and the weather is good you can do a three hour walk out to Blakeny Point and at this time of the year it is home to gray and common seals who have just arrived to have their pups and mate again before going back out to sea.  We took the easy option and booked a boat trip from a point further round called Moreston Quay, most of the coast around here is National Trust and is very well kept and natural.  The day was crisp and cold but fortunately dry. 

The tide was out when we arrived and it was unbelievable that there would be enough water to float a boat,  it was a very beautiful area and on the way out we passed the old   lifeboat station now a home to the stewards who look after the Nature   Reserve.  It was a very small boat filled to capacity and I was not the only one with a camera so we were all jostling  for the best position.   

We started to see the seals swimming about in the water some were so curious they came to have a good look at us and swam along side the boat, as we got nearer the point we could see them basking on the shore with their pups, a beautiful site and well worth the trip.

This was the reason for the trip to see these beautiful creatures up close, we were also able to see them at Horsey Mere this time we went  on foot and walked for thirty-five minutes in the rain not a bad walk as it was easy going along a sandy track.

On another day we took out a boat and sailed down the River Bure to Ranworth Broad a lovely trip on a beautiful sunny day so much wild life to see, the photos are not that great as they are taken from a rocking boat, but I am glad to have caught the Sparrow Hawk and the Cormorant

 I want to dedicate this blog to my dear friend  Europa Ice Woolf who I know will cheer me up when ever I am feeling down!

I hope you have enjoyed this trip to Norfolk with me.


Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to WROXHAM NORFOLK

  1. Here I Am says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip. I would love to take a vacation on a waterway. Instead of hopping in car just boat around to see the sight. Hope you have a Merry Christmas. Take Care Carrie

  2. Europa's says:

    Oh Suki! A bashful icewolfie hug for you!! And it’s lovely to see you back…I’ve missed you here :))Great trip to Norfolk thanks! Love the seal pups…did you manage to stow one away in the boat for me?!!…lol 😉 Hope you didn’t jostle anyone overboard to get the best photos…espec. that Sparrow Hawk! And windmills…haven’t seen one of them since I was a little furry wolfie pup…lol..;)) So…stay safe and well….and see you round the christmas dinner table!! ;)) x

  3. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki. popped in to look at your new pictures and how pleased I am I did pop in.Wroxham looks a very peaceful place. Sorry to tell you Suki, but that sparrow hawk is a male Kestrel hawk. just thought to mention it.Love Kenny x

  4. Suki x says:

    Thanks kenny! I am not well up on bird ID, This area was beeautiful in November but I think August would be a different matterSuki x

  5. Mei's says:

    Merry Christmas!

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