Two Tree Island




A short while ago We went on a trip to Two tree Island on the Thames estuary, I went with my friends  Jenni, Lee and Tony we went particularly to photograph the sunset  and to get some tips from the ‘boys’ on how to get the best shots here are the results I hope you like themIMG_9314

IMG_9360 IMG_9369 Leigh on Sea_0158 Leigh on Sea_0154

Tony was a great help, here he is discussing the camera settings


I am off on holiday to Ireland next week and I hope I will get some good shots to show you






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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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8 Responses to Two Tree Island

  1. Kenneth says:

    Lovely photo’s Suki. Guess you may be seeing some special sunsets because of the volcanic ash cloud. Mother NATURE strikes again !!!Take care you lovely person you . Kenny xx

  2. Europa's says:

    The sunsets are beautiful…I especially love the richness and the depth of that golden glow in sunset no.3 😉 Haven’t heard of Two Tree Island before but it looks to be a lovely peaceful place from the photos. That’s some camera Tony’s got there…bit different to the Carl Zeiss camera thingy on my mobile! lol 🙂 Have a great hol’ in Ireland next week too! x

  3. Suki x says:

    Thank you both for your lovely comments both here and in the new photo album, I am always drawn back to Spaces Live because of my special friends hereSuki x

  4. Cherno says:

    HHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL Only 2 trees on the whole island grrrrrrrrrrr Think I shall give that place a miss.Timid one has such a way with words " golden glow in the sunset " " thingy on me Mobil " don’t you just love her to bits !!!I know why you are drawn back to spaces Suki. because you missed CHERNO THE FEARLESS soooooo much. Well he would like to think that anyways. 🙂 ta ta for now Suki and if ever you pass by mine, bring a leg of mince or something with you please. I am starving hungry to death 😦

  5. Suki x says:

    Yes Cherno you are right I miss you so much when I fail to visit! Isn’t Kenny feeding you? Why are you so hungry do you like bones?? I have a nice lamb leg bone for you to munch on.Well I think Wolfie is very poetic and she has been very nice about my photographs 😉 And I though thingie was a tekki term!And by the way Woolfie the camera Tony has is Jenni’s mine is one level down but good enough for me, Tony’s Camera is top of the range bigger and better than anything I have seen and I won’t say anything about the size of the lens he uses, but as they say if it does the job what does size matterWon’t be around for the next week or so as going over the sea to Ireland and Volcanic plumes won’t stop meTake care Cherno and Woffiy woof woof xx and look after Kenny Love Suki x

  6. Kuskulana says:

    Hi Suki. love the shot of the sun between the boats!Hugs from Alaska

  7. Here I Am says:

    Love when you get the reflections of the setting sun on the water. very beautifull..

  8. Kenneth says:

    No matter how deep the river or how high the mountain, nothing shall ever block my way to your space. Be good Suki you wonderful person Kenny x

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