Spring Holiday in Ireland


We have just come back from a holiday in Ireland, we took our car and drove from Essex to Pembroke in Wales where we got Irish Ferries across to Rosslair, we stayed one night and then drove across Ireland to Kerry and stayed in KillarneyIreland April 2010 020This was our view from the balcony of the B & B

Ireland April 2010 037  

Ireland April 2010 081













We visited Ross Castle with splendid views across Killarney Lake and also Muckross House renown for their beautiful Rhododendrons and azaleas.  There are three lakesIreland April 2010 102

And this shot was taken from a viewpoint called Ladies View!  It takes in all three of them…. they are bigger than they look.Ireland April 2010 076 This little bus was used for day trips to take you to the Dunlow Gap you then transferred to a jaunting car driven by a Jarvy who could be a leprechaun in disguise, you then transfer to a boat which takes you round the lake and delivers you safely back to Killarney town 100 Euros lighter (for two that is) needless to say we did not go but it looks very nice.

Ireland April 2010 032

Of course we had to visit an Irish Pub the entertainment was Full On Irish an absolute delight with lots of ‘diddley’ music.

Ireland April 2010 136

On our way back to Dublin now and stopped at this beautiful beach and some brilliant sunshine but not for long, as we passed through the Dingle Peninsula we took the Connell PassIreland April 2010 132

I think this was called surprise view and I was certainly surprised that we saw it at all.

Ireland April 2010 149 

This was the usual view!  However onwards towards the fair city of Dublin and a stroll down O’Connell Street to view the Spike in the Dyke

Ireland April 2010 181











Also this lovely man playing the Penny Whistle

  Then off to the Ferry this time from Dublin City Port to Hollyhead a faster crossing but a longer journey  home.  Covering just over 1100 miles three countries in 8 days 4 B & Bs and one very hospitable relative.


A lovely place to go I recommend it to everyone 


Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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  1. Europa's says:

    "Ladies View?!!" How cool is that!! The views across the lakes are amazing…and what a fantastic view from your balcony! Beautiful photos 🙂 Besides the one in disguise…LOL…did you spot any real-life leprechauns on your 1100 mile travels…;) Like hiding in the back of that little bus for example?!! ;)I’ve developed a wicked Irish wolfy jig to that "diddley" Irish music since arriving on your blog page!! I wonder if "Cherno the Fearless" could master the art of controlling all 4 dancing paws at once for a good ole Irish jig…lol…for your goodly entertainment!;) Great trip to Ireland and a very cool blog! x

  2. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,It has been a long time Suki 🙂 I guess you are going to somewhere on holiday…Thank you for sharing a beautiful the Ireland’s photos with nice post.

  3. Kenneth says:

    Hello Suki. If ever I cross the sea to Ireland again, I shall take with me my trusty rod and golden hook. As you know I enjoy a spot of fishing. These wonderful photographs have rekindled my desire to return to that beautiful land. The "spike in the dyke" reminds me somewhat of hospitals and the charming looking old chap looks a right character. Thank you for sharing your whistle stop tour of the emerald isle. For "Timid Ones" information and yours. "Cherno the Fearless" is more proficient at the "Goose Step" than Jigging. But speaking for myself I have often performed the river dance after catching a whopper !!! Ok Suki my dear I am off to polish my dogs, just hope I don’t pop them before I have seen Ireland once more. :)Take care and shake peters hand for me please.Returning the good vibes you left at mine.love Kenny x

  4. says:

    Hi Suki. What a wonderful blog. I love this last photo of the man and the flute. Amazing capture of the Spirt of a Man and with that smile. You had a wonderful Time. Thanks for sharing.Happy Mothers DayTake careLisa

  5. says:

    The two landscapes are really beautiful. !!!

  6. Here I Am says:

    Hi what a scenic trip you had… I so love the photo of th old man…

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