Lost Bunny Seeks Love and Affection


I went down into the Wildwood to see the bluebells when they were at their best a few weeks ago and decided to take some pictures so I set up my camera on the tripod and got down amongst them when all at once this beautiful bunny came lolloping into the frame IMG_9780

He wasn’t worried at all by the clicking of the camera and just sat there posing for my pictures I thought at first he was a wild rabbit and that he looked like Bigwig from Watershipdown IMG_9789

He looks a little worried in this picture and that is because creeping up behind him is IMG_9799

Leo the cat from next door IMG_9796

But Bigwig stands his ground and confronts Leo IMG_9807 

And we have a Mexican stand off!  It suddenly becomes too tense and they both scamper off together, I am now worried!  This is no wood savvy wild rabbit but some ones pet, and how long can he survive in the Wildwood?


I now start knocking on neighbors doors to see if I can find the owner but Leo’s owner comes around with his two little girls, by this time my daughter and her two children have arrived, off we all went to the woods 4 adults 4 children with nets and blankets determined to save Bigwig from the wild animals that frequent the woods, he was there OK but gave us the slip every time! up and down the paths he ran having a great time, but we still had not located his owner.  Reluctantly we gave up but a few days later another neighbor knocked on the door claiming him so I showed her into the woods saying I didn’t have much hope of his survival but guess what there he was bright eyed and bushy tailed IMG_9788 

just asking to play that chase me game again, well this time I did manage to grab him and once tucked under my arm he was as still and quiet as he could be but my neighbor said ‘that’s not my rabbit!’ Well how many tame rabbits can be living in the Wildwood, but as she had an empty hutch we popped him in it and made lots of flyers to say we had found him so his lovely little face adorns all the notice boards, shop windows and schools in the area, to date he has not been claimed but I will keep you informed in the mean time he has a lovely cozy hutch and a large grassy run.Garden May 019 

And yes I did eventually get my bluebell pictures 11May2010_Norsey Woods May_0564 my verson

come and walk with me in the Wildwood again soon, the wild orchids will be flowering shortly.

In the meantime I have just come back form the usual painting holiday in Spain so watch out for tails from the mountains of the Sierra Almijara in Andalucia!

Love to you all


Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to Bunny

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki. I think Bigwig is a wild wabbit, the part agouti colour would suggest this. Somewhere down the line a pet rabbit has bread with a wild rabbit and Bigwig is a typical result of such a mating. I don’t think you shall find the owner as I believe he/she belongs in the Wildwood. Set him/her free or put him/her between two slices of bread 🙂 Love the photos of the blue bells and that path looks a wonderful walk. Looking forward to seeing your annual pics of Spain. Take care you lovely person you.love Kenny x

  2. Europa's says:

    Aww Suki! He’s a lovely lollopy Bigwig 😉 Can I have him?!! He certainly doesn’t look like a seasoned wild-wood wild bunny…he’s the wrong colour! He looks lovely amongst the blue bells…great photos btw… but dear me! Leo sure has the focussed expression of an intensely hungry predator that really means business! lol 🙂 But as he likes your wildwood so much and needs a home…why don’t you keep him?!! He could earn his keep helping on the "lottie!";)Ah! Andulacia! The land of the beautiful Spanish Andulasian horses! 😉 I eagerly await your tales from the mountains…and don’t forget to collect Wolfie for that walk in the Wildwood…you can take a nice shot of "Wolfie in the Wild Orchids!!" Wolfie hugs xx 😉

  3. Michiko's says:

    A beautiful rabbit that you don’t need to worry Suki:-) She has well fed herself? a good looking rabbit ad your friends now:-)I enjoyed look at your lovely photos.Have a great day,Michiko

  4. Here I Am says:

    Oh I love the story and photos. So glad to hear the rabbit is safe now. If that cat had attacked that rabbit he would have been in for a shock. A grown rabbit can fight like a cat. Any way you were so blessed in your captureing him in you photos of those gorgeous flowers. Love the photo of the trail thru the woods. I wish I could climb into my screen and walk the trail with all the flowers and trees on each side. Thank you for such an entertaining blog…

  5. Mei's says:

    Hi Suki, the rabbit so pretty, and pics with the blue bells are lovely, we have two hutch of rabbit back in the house, the last one just past away not long ago, they live almost 10 years long, don’t know they can live that long, that rabbit in your pics are so pretty, can i claim its my missing rabbit? 🙂

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