planet Reptile

Planet Reptile


A few weeks ago we went to Planet Reptile in Swindon, to visit Angie and see and photograph her beautiful creatures, 01Jun2010_Froggies_0737  the stars of the show were the red eyed frogs  each with its own personality, only about two inches long,IMG_0441 and superbly entertaining. 01Jun2010_Froggies_0849 She also showed us this beautiful chameleon who drank water from her hand.  IMG_0289 The water dragon another star, dined on crickets. Boa 1 Boa 2 Boa 3 There was also a Boa-constrictor only a juvenile which crawled up my arm I was assure I was in no danger …. well I lived to tell the tale!    I’m not sure what this little fellow was but Angie referred to him as the ‘Pit Bull’ of the reptile world,IMG_0508       I think you can see that he certainly had attitude, he grabbed onto her finger andIMG_0510 we had to tempt him with some tasty crickets to get him to let go!

It was a great day out and well worth the long journey to get there

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into the word of reptiles

Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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8 Responses to planet Reptile

  1. Europa's says:

    Have just returned from your totally awesome album Suki….beautiful! Can see why the red eyed frogs were star of the show, they’re brilliant little froggies! They smile and beam too!!! 🙂 The chameleon fascinates me and that mesh armour skin is something else! You are one brave lady with that Boa Constrictor…no way would it be getting anywhere near Wolfie!!!

  2. Europa's says:

    And the "Pit Bull!" What a character…I am still laughing helplessly at that photo 😉 He looks so determined and anyone would think he was a giant croc’ from the way he’s latched onto Angies finger! Fantastic foray into the world of reptiles thank you! Wolfie x 😉

  3. Mei's says:

    Hi Suki, thankyou for stopping by and leave your kind words. You can try the food any time you like soon. I am adding a gift box for mail order and preparing for a farmer’s market in Wimborne, do drop by if you visit down south next time. Enjoy your day Suki, the sun is out here! Mei

  4. Michiko's says:

    Sorry I look at your photos and left my comments at there as I said it was lovely to seen you in my space:-)I did noticed my photos in your taggs places it was nice to seen that I enjoyed very much…..I hope you don’t get TOO HOT weather…..Michiko

  5. Ellen says:

    Some really great shots, Suki! With Kermit, The Boss (I named him..) and all the others! Wish you a wonderful day!Best regards from Ellen in Norway,

  6. Ellen says:

    Hi, Suki!I couldn’t find a guestbook here, so I write this as a comment. Thank you for writing in MY guestbook! Now I have deleted my own silly "feeling-sorry-for-myself" comment in that same guestbook ;-D Once again, Thank You! Ellen

  7. Ravenwood says:

    I seen some of these pics in your photos and now I finally see the blog…I am slow but I eventually get there. Looks like a fun day, Pit Bull of Reptiles has me laughing. Is it a lizzard or tiny croc? LOL. Have a great week.·.¸.♥

  8. Suki x says:

    Hi leyla it’s a lizard or some sort deffo not a crocLove your new albumSuki x

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