A visit to Cambridge

I recently went with my friend to Cambridge to have a walk around the colleges and take a few photographs, it was a beautiful day although the light was a bit strong for the photos. Cambridge June 020 We walked along the river by King’s college and saw these two girls relaxing on the bank studying perhaps?? Cambridge June 018 The punts were all lined up ready to take a trip down the river and there were plenty of visitors only too happy to ‘take a punt’ and try their skill on the riverCambridge June 094 Clare was originally a ladies college but now there are no such discriminations and it has one of the best kept gardens in the university

Cambridge June 059          Cambridge June 072

This is the Old Court which according to the inscription on the wall is conserved out of the generosity of Paul Mellon I just love the way the bike has been left against the wall and the warm light.   cambridge006     I wonder if these are the two girls we saw sitting on the river bank, well anyway it is really a picture of the Bridge of Sighs

Cambridge June 079










Anyone for a nice cool glass of wine?

Well we enjoyed ourselves so much we went back the following week but that’s another story


Take care and enjoy


love Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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8 Responses to Cambridge

  1. Europa's says:

    HooOOOWWWWLLLooooo Suki! Good to see you haven’t made us all wait tooooooo long for another Suki blog…lol 😉 I can quite see why you returned for a 2nd visit to Cambridge…lovely place. I’ve never been there but two of my housemates paid a visit and were talking about it for weeks after! I think I can feel a visit of my wolfie own coming on 😉

  2. Europa's says:

    You’ve captured the atmosphere and the finery of it all with great effect in those photos…I wonder…lol…did you and your friend also go punting skillfully down the river?!! The "Bridge of Sighs"…what an intriguing title…was it noisy with all those sighs? 😉 Love Wolfie x

  3. Horst says:

    Great photos Suki, this is a beautifull place for a picnic.

  4. Suki x says:

    I think the only sighs were those of the students who had not done enough studying! If you visit Cambridge remember you have to pay to go into each college seperately, we were lucky enough to be with a member of the UniversitySuki x

  5. Europa's says:

    In that case I will start preparing the case for my bank loan immediately! 😉

  6. Kuskulana says:

    Thank you for the tour Suki, lovely as always.Love the water lilies, the bike still, and the bridge of sigh’s depth and patterns!Sure I’ll have a glass with you…cheers!And hugs from Alaska

  7. Here I Am says:

    What a lovely tour. Forget going to school there would be nice to just live there. Seems so magical there. Thanks for sharing.. Hugs Carrie

  8. Ravenwood says:

    It looks so serene there and quaint. I thought the photos turned out well in this light. I like the punts that look like a cut off the top canoe lined up along the wall of river. Hahaha and those lily pads.

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