Return to Cambridge shire



our second visit to the Cambridge area was to Grantchester a pretty little village on the outskirts, thatched cottages and friendly locals, Cambridge with Ann 002 we parked at the pub and fully intended to eat there as the menu looked so interesting but we got side tracked as always!  We went for a walk down to the water meadows, from here we found a footpath that lead to a tea garden called  The Orchard,Cambridge with Ann 049 the garden is famous for all the very famous people who attended Cambridge University and took tea there, including Rupert Brook the war poet who wrote the poem ‘The Old Vicarage Granchester’.  Please click on the link and then on the poetry tab and you will see the poem, the site is very interesting and tells you all about the tea rooms.

Well moving on we then went to Burwash manor Farm, which is dedicated to conservation,Cambridge with Ann 124 because Ann our guide knew everyone that was worth knowing we were able to drive over the farmland amazed to see the fields of PoppiesCambridge with Ann 127 and corn growing together, we stood on a high ‘beetle bank’ which had been cultivated with native wild plants to encourage the natural predators of pests that would usually attack the crops. Moving on we went down to the pools which were the home to many dragonflies, well they don’t stay still for longCambridge with Ann 231 but this little lady was laying her eggs and kept returning to the same spot so I got my shot of the day I just love the look on her face and her lovely iridescent body.  It was a long day but we went home tired and happy, our mentor for the Cambridge Experience was Ann Miles Please view her web site for extraordinary images of Cambridge Cambridge with Ann 196 










Cambridge with Ann 241


Suki x


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9 Responses to Return to Cambridge shire

  1. Horst says:

    Great Photos, Susan, have a great weekend.

  2. Europa's says:

    You got sidetracked…?…at the pub…? lol I hope you didn’t sample too much of the local liquer 😉 OH..that wasn’t what you meant?…Silly Wolfie!! Lovely day out, did you follow in famous footsteps and indulge in Tea in the Orchard? Great pics and the expression on that Dragonflie’s face is a sight to behold! lol 😉 x

  3. Suki x says:

    Do you like her blue lippy?Sukix

  4. Kenneth says:

    Hi Suki. That river bank looks the perfect place for a picnic and I would like to wager that there is a big old trout swimming about in it. Now where did i put my tackle, or perhaps I should try some tickling.The dragonfly looks like it is smiling at the camera. Just love the wings, so delicate yet so powerful. Pleased you had a nice time of it. love Kenny x

  5. Europa's says:

    It’s beautiful Suki! Would look good on Wolfie too don’t you think? 😉 x

  6. Ravenwood says:

    Wow!!! Such beautiful photography. I like dragonflies rainbow wings I’ve always called ’em. Cambridge looks like a nice place to visit. xox

  7. Cherno says:

    hello Suki…where have you been all this time, come to think of it where have i been. anyway I see Kenny has been here before me. doesn;t miss a trick that old fart. pleased you had a nice time and the pics are grrrrrrrrrrreat. love cherno the fearless woof woof xx

  8. Mei's says:

    Beautiful pics Suki, the dragonfly looks well feed! 🙂 love his make up! the lipstick match my daughter’s nail varnish. Mei

  9. Suki x says:

    Hello Cherno my furry friend! Nice to see you here in the Wildwood, yes Kenny has been by and perhaps you will join us for a picnic on the river bank, Kenny can get out his rod and line and catch us a few trout I will cook them over a little fire and we can have a feast.Hugs to to both Love Suki x

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