Dawn at North Fambridge

Dawn at North Fambridge

I have a friend called Jenni who is nearly as mad as I am!  Last Tuesday we decided on a trip to photograph the dawn, something I have never done before as I like to seep in late in my cozy bed.  However on Tuesday I was up at 3am and off to collect Jenni at 3.40, we arrived at North Fambridge at 4.45 just half an hour before the dawn.North Fambridge with jenni 007 I can’t describe the experience there were no cars on the road and there was a full moon so we had plenty of light when we arrived at the Mariner.

North Fambridge is on the river Crouch and has a very pleasant walk along the riverside we stopped by a seat and set up our cameras North Fambridge with jenni 045 as the dawn broke the light caught the sides of the boats that lay at anchor and the water was as still as a mill pond, it was breathtaking the photos cannot convey the experience.North Fambridge with jenni 052 

                North Fambridge with jenni 080     We then moved position onto a board walk that ran out into the river with the boats moored either side, another great vantage point.

North Fambridge with jenni 071 The sun came up and it was a beautiful morning despite the weather forecast of rain and thick cloud and we headed for Malden and breakfast arrived home just after 9am.

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt and are not suffering from lack of sleep.

Join me again soon


Love Suki x




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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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6 Responses to Dawn at North Fambridge

  1. Michiko's says:

    Hi Suki,I’m glad you are joying with Jenny:-) at 3-40am get there to photograph…I’l be my fishing for in the time LOL!The photos are gorgeous the water are just like the mirror..AND at the break of dawn is fantastic Suki…Thank you for sharing them to us,Have a great day,Michiko

  2. Kenneth says:

    OOOOoooo Suki what lovely photos. I guess you photographers must find yourselves in odd places at odd times. A little like us fishermen.To watch the sun rise gives me such a thrill. Would loved to have been there. One thing though, not a Seagull in sight. Take care Sukilove Kenny x

  3. Europa's says:

    Still recovering from the early start Suki! Up for around 2hrs! lol 😉 Such rich rewards for the sacrifice of a cozy bed 😉 Fantastic photos! …What an awesome moment capturing the breaking dawn AND at the mystical time of Full Moon. One which I am sure will remain etched always in your memory as well as the lens of the camera. A beautiful post Suki, and reflective of a lovely friend 🙂 Love Wolfie x

  4. Suki x says:

    Thank you all for your comments and appreciation, Kenny look carefully at the second picture down there are two seagulls at the waters edge! Sen Cherno in after them you will soon see them flyLove Suki x

  5. Kenneth says:

    I stand corrected once more. I thought they were a couple of bits of driftwood washed up by the tide. I think it must be me who is washed up lol.Yes I am sure Cherno would love to romp along that shoreline. In the last picture it looks like a seal or something is swimming, leaving behind a wake.love Kenny x

  6. Suki x says:

    I stand repremanded Kenny! That is not a seal but dirt on my sensor !! Another job for Photoshop-girl! Seales are just around the corner of the coast at Malden so I supose one could hae drifted in here!Suki x

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