A shocking experience

A shocking experience

All we wanted was to get some power and light from the garage to the greenhouse!  Garden September 001 We called in our neighbor who has just qualified as an electrician, he said he would be happy to help but when he looked around he decided we needed a new consumerGarden September 005 board to make the wiring ‘legal’ in this present world, well the house is 50 years old and has all the original wiring, so what started of as a simple job began to snowball, on the first evening after the main fuse had blown!   we put on our coats and went to the pub for our supper thinking when we got home all would be well and the house lights would be blazing but NO all in darkness.  Garden September 012 Now I am beginning to worry about the freezer, up to 24 hours should be OK.  Following day power and light was restored to some parts of the house with a cable draped down the stairs to keep the freezer functioning and giving us hot water so we could shower.  Then we got the cooker an hob working. I won’t bore you with all the details but we still had a party on Sunday with lots of food drink and conviviality and very little electricity, the new green house was well and truly christened, sorry no piccies of the actual party but I was having too much fun. Wish you all could have been thereGarden September 021 Garden September 017 







Garden September 028 Garden September 031

Suki x


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4 Responses to A shocking experience

  1. HooOOoWWWWLLLLLoooooo Suki! You made it over here! 🙂 Looking good in the new W/P Wildwood 🙂 It will be nothing short of a miracle if I get a new blog posted under present conditions! The greenhouse gave you a run for your money… a little bit of an electric nightmare 😉 But nothing stops a good party in the Wildwood does it?!!
    Wolfie x

  2. kenny2dogs says:

    Lovely to see you here Suki. it is after midnight now so i am off to my cot. shall be back later when the old gray matter has been refreshed. yaaaaawwwwwnnn nite nite
    hugs kenny x

  3. Wish I could have been there as well, Suki. I would have had a great time with all of you. Thought I would stop bye and say Hello. Hope all is well with the electricity.

  4. Good Golly Suki, hopeit all pans out well in the end. I do love the window.

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