How does this Bl***y thing work!! Or a visit to Cambridge

Well here goes my first one!

Had my brother and sis in law stay for a few days so we decided to take a trip to Cambridge stopping off at Grantchester first.

Stopping off at The Red Lion for lunch of course, a short but muddy walk down to the river

Then stopping off for Tea at The Orchard Tea Rooms

This Tea Room is famous for its association with The Bloomsbury set and in particular Rupert Brook the famous war poet, it was like stepping back in time. On the way out we say this beautiful dragon fly  But onwards and upwards we then drove on to the Cambridge Park and ride, and got the bus to the city centre using our ‘Seniors Bus passes’ for the very first time.  YO I’m all for this!

Once in Cambridge we made for the Backs and saw a bride drifting off with her groom in a punt I bet she was frozen!

Walking now alongside the river with a beautiful view of King’s Chapel (you know where the Christmas Carol service comes from!

Across the Mathematical bridge

Then off to catch the FREE bus back to the car, didn’t even have to pay for parking!!!

Home again just in time to watch strictly Come Dancing put our feet up with yet more wine!!

Lovely Come again Jim and Irene

Hope you will all come with me next time

And love to Kenny hope you are doing well my ol’ friend!!!

Suki x



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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to How does this Bl***y thing work!! Or a visit to Cambridge

  1. Well I did it! But it dosen’t look too good have to tinker about with it a bit I think!

    Suki x

  2. Hi Suki, loved the visit to Cambridge, your photos as always are awesome. Thanks for alowing us to come along.

  3. abbottk says:

    Good morning Suki and welcome to WordPress,
    As per usual you provide readers with lovely snippets of information not to mention equally lovely pictures to support the story line.
    I hope you have loads of fun with WordPress.
    Take care
    Kate xxx

  4. Hey Suki 🙂 It works…with magic!!! If you wave your fairy wand around long and hard enough it is most surprising what can be achieved lol 😉

    The Mathematical bridge??!! Cool ;)) You have this up and running just fine…lovely photos and a great post…how lovely of you to take us all with you again! Don’t leave it so long next time! Remember…a blog a week pls 😉 My wolfie suitcase is packed and stashed in your car boot ready for our next trip!! Great to see you back…Wolfie x 🙂

  5. michiko san says:

    Hi Suki,
    It was took a long time to find in here it was nice to seen you:-)
    you are doing alright as your photos are beautiful too.
    Big Hugs,

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