Norfolk and Horsey Mill

Moving camp sites on Saturday a wet and windy day, stopped at Southwold on the way

This is a typical seaside town with a famous pier, but as you can see we had typical english seaside weather.

The new campsite was run by the Caravan club and had wonderful showers and was located right next to a pub which served super food, so all our needs were taken care of. 

Off we went to Horsey expressly to see the seals who come ashore at this time to have

their babies and mate, usually the beach is full of them and we have to stay on the viewing platform, but today there were none to be seen so we went down onto the beach and saw a

few old bulls swimming about who gradually made their way to the shore.  Before long others had joined them and we were treated to about twenty seals making their way up

the beach, the bulls posturing and snarling for supremacy.  And some were just pleased to see old friends and have a gossip.  And a few just enjoyed the surfing

It was such a privilege to be so close to these beautiful animals, I didn’t think it was so easy to get up close but you have to be careful not to over step the mark as they can be dangerous.

All this area is owned or leased by the National Trust, so we then went on to Horsey Mill,

which is actually a wind pump used to keep the waters out of the low lying areas, it was getting near evening time and the sun was setting behind us but it still lit up the mill

beautifully.  Just a few more seals to finish with!

Hope you enjoyed our visit to the Seals more to come yet!!

Love Suki xxx


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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4 Responses to Norfolk and Horsey Mill

  1. Wow, such nice photos, you are so lucky to be able to get this close to those Seals, and the Mill shots are just fabulas.

  2. Lovely Suki, nature and all it cradles is just so wonderful.
    Take care

  3. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki Well you have made a great start with word press I hope you continue .
    love the pics. and the seals just blow me away. The power of the waves behind make the pic so dramatic. love em
    take care my lovely friend.
    kenny x

  4. Such professional photos 🙂 You’ve got some fantastic pics…Horsey Mill looks lovely…and the seals…what can I say? lol … can’t get enough of them! Interesting to know they have such cool conversations too 😉 I eagerly await your next post…next week shouldn’t that be? lol!! You know what you said about your blog posting plans!
    Wolfie x 🙂

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