Bushey Park

Last Saturday I set my alarm early to meet my friends Jenni & Bob to go to Bushey Park to be there for the dawn the idea being to photograph the Deer.  We arrived in good time and a silky mist hung over the area, as we crossed the bridge we noticed a heron fishing for his breakfast, but where were the deer?  We caught sight of one looming up out of the mist, he was the first of many sightings we were treated to.

He is trying to tell us who is the boss,

This one was hiding

But he wasn’t shy for long

The morning light creates an atmosphere and intensifies the colours, it is truly magical

The rut was taking place and the young bucks try to cover their antlers with bracken to make themselves look bigger and bolder and then try to challenge the top stag, this little guy had made a bit of an effort

But soon got distracted by breakfast, you will have to make a better showing than that or you wont get anywhere with the girls, ah well maybe next year!

Lots fo Photographers around infact probably more toggs than deer!  These are my intrepid friends Jenni & Bob!

Two little boys chill out and watch the photogs

While jenni gets up close and personal in the interest of Photography

This guy senses and intruder!

 Gets ready to see him off!  Off he goes with his toung out! will live to fight another day!


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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11 Responses to Bushey Park

  1. Good to see you’re getting the weekly blog timings in order Suki 😉 You will be posting one every week now?!! lol 😉 Love the deer/stags…aren’t they beautiful creatures? With giant sized antlers like that tho, don’t think Wolfie will trying for any lunchtime snacks anytime soon!!!Especially not if it’s rutting season 😉 Yes…even Wolfie would leap out of the den at crack of dawn for such sights! Wolfie x 🙂

    • Thank you Wolfie! My resolution to blog once a week is dependant on my doing something interesting enough to write about…. well I could always make something up I guess!!

      Gradually finding my way around this site learn something new every day

      Susan x

  2. Hi Suki, you have some awesome photos there, wish I could have been with your group. Great photos.

  3. How lovely Suki, just the sort of thing I would enjoy doing. Awesome shots too.
    Take care,

  4. Now I recognise where I am !! Pleased I have ‘found’ you !
    Love the above pictures but feel a tad guilty as I have just ordered my venison for christmas dinner !

  5. michiko san says:

    Hi Suki!
    Thank you for visit my space, first of who is Susan?:-)
    The photos are very nice that I likes the deers has expretion in their face.
    And make me smiles in my face one of your friends already ordered for Christmas dinner ….
    Big Hugs,

    • Ah Michiko san, Suki is my alto ego she can be very naughty! I have sent her away till she can be good! so Susan is here on WordPress but I dare say Suki will pop in from time to time take care and I hope you are enjoying a lovely warm summer whilst we freeze in the cold and damp in the UK

      Love Suki x Opps there she goes again I mean Susan xxx

  6. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki.
    Did someone mention the rut !!!!
    Some nice pictures hear Suki, love the one with just the horns on.
    Never fancied being a stag, all that fighting and bellowing and what for. Just 2 seconds of pleasure.
    I see the Laird has bought some venison for x/mas dinner. He must have plenty of dosh ! it’s dead dear. groannnn !!!
    have a great weekend my lovely friend
    kenny x

    • Hi Kenny

      Thanks for the comment! We went to Bushey Park again yesterday left home at 5 am temprature minus 7 deg, will be posting pics of our visit soon including a very confused stag which I think you will find amusing!

      Take care love Suki x

  7. Jenni Alexander says:

    I will never wear Bob’s hat again. You have some great images here.
    I think Bob is edging towards a trip in the snow. Interested? Will be in the New Year I think unless there is some next monday. We nearly went a couple of weeks ago but Bob thought it was irresponsible to be on the roads.
    Love Jennixx

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