Millennium Bridge

A trip up to London this week to a Photographic seminar by Heather Angel   Obviously we had to take our camera with us, we did a very interesting walk through the city and down to the River Path.  Here we came across a little gem, a small passageway underneath Southwark bridge, beautifully lit

The tiles pannels depict the bridge and its architecture,

This panel shows the drawings for Southwark Bridge City Abutment taken from the contract drawings of 1912.  However onward towards our destination, the sun was beginning to fade, and the Thames was full of lights as we approached the millennium or wobbly Bridge as it is sometimes known.  We stood under the bridge on the Thames Path to get a different angle than usual and because of the low light I used a filter and a very slow shutter speed to get a different aspect

On turning around we were treated to a great view of St. Paul’s

And as we crossed I couldn’t help another shot including more of the surrounding area

It was  bitterly cold as we reached the other side and only a few steps to a very welcoming pub, with delicious food.

It is interesting to see with long exposure tourists who would normally be clogging up your images blur into ghostly figures

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of London join me again soon!


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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6 Responses to Millennium Bridge

  1. Excellent shots Susan, you are getting to be a great photographer.

  2. Good morning Suki
    I really like the photograph of the little passageway underneath Southwark Bridge; it is quite beautifully lit and well captured by the photographer too.
    Take care,

  3. Hello 🙂 Ok…took me a few days to get here…lol…that’s what happens when I have to hike all the way across the millenium bridge on my wolfie paws to get here!! You have some great perspectives on these photos…that 3rd ones very cool but then I do like photography when it incorporates unusual angles and effects, architecture in particular. It’s also very interesting seeing familiar places from someone elses viewpoint…I usually pad around the millenium bridge at night London by day always seems like a strange world when you’re used to seeing it in its night glory and exotic vitality. And no doubt your photos are amazing! I expect to see many more in the WEEKLY…lol…blogs you will be studiously and dedicatedly producing!! What better excuse for lots of trips out?!! Wolfie xx

  4. Michiko says:

    Hi Suki,
    It was not easy to come around here but I am happy to seen your interesting photos,
    I really enjoy the millenium bridge and I spot City of London school etc.
    Thank you for sharing to us,

  5. Jenni Alexander says:

    These are pretty good too

  6. Ann Collins says:

    Just popped by following your comments on my poppy shot today, loved viewing this portfolio and many varied shots, the poppies btw were taken in Twyford Berkshire, not sure where your situated as in location.
    regards Ann

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