The Fuchsia

As some of you may know I recently acquired a new green house, I have been moving the Fuchsias from the garden into the warm to protect them from the bitterly cold weather we have been having  minus 7 deg here, like Summer I hear Horst in Canada saying!  Well cold enough for an Essex Girl I can tell you.  So armed with my camera, and a little while in Photoshop I came up with this


Fuchsia is a dancer

Dancing on her toes

Clad in red and Purple

By a cottage wall she grows

Sometimes in a greenhouse

In frilly white and rose

Dressed in her best for the fairies’ evening ball

A poem I learned as a child and has fed my love of all things flower and fairy


We paid another visit to Bushey Park yesterday to see the Rut so keep watching for some action and a very confused Stag

Keep well and warm



About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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6 Responses to The Fuchsia

  1. Hi Susan, well -7C is not summer, but it is not that cold for us, we will get to -5C today, we love these warmer winter days, but it gets to -40C in this part of the world, so as you can see -7C is not that cold to us here in Canada.
    You did a wonderfull job on your Fuchsia Image in photoshop, good for you.

  2. Lovely little poem…fairies and fuchsias…appealing imagery 🙂 That’s a very cool pic you created. Obviously you and P/Sp have a much better relationship than Wolfie and PSE8!! It strikes me as a very complicated way of achieving much the same as I can get done in PowerPoint with a fraction of the hassle…tho guess it’s layering system is slightly more simplistic than PS…you however are creating beautiful pics with it and becoming a serious PS expert! Congratulations! Wolfie x 😉

  3. michiko san says:

    These Fuchsia are beautiful! you are right it looks likes girls has pretty dress and dancing …
    Well done Suki!

  4. jane says:

    Fantastic photos

  5. Fuchsias always remind me of ballet dancers.
    Have a super Christmas,
    Kind thoughts

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