Bushey Park and the Perma Frost

Last Sunday saw us return to Bushey Park, this was before the snow reached this part of the country.  We left home at 5 am and arrive in the dark  the temperature was -8 deg and we crunched across the perma frost towards the dawn.  To the frozen lake Where we came across ‘Love in a cold climate’ a pair of swans trapped by the frozen ice but unworried by the event.  We cam across a small herd of Red Deer comprising of a couple of Stags some Bucks and Does  suddenly there was a rumpus and one of the stags chased a young buck out to the edge of the herd there he attempted to mate with him you can see they are both male by the horns and antlers!  Now who has the answer?  Are they Gay? Is this ritual humiliation by the Alpha stag or are they just confused?  Now I expect some answers to this please!

 These two were definitely gossiping about them!  We continued our walk around the park and were rewarded with lots of good sightings of the deer



The Fallow Deer spend most of the time feeding but this little guy was full, tired and content to sit sown in the early morning sunshine and just have a little sleep.

It will be a little while before I get out in this cold weather but I hope you enjoyed this little encounter in Bushey Park

Susan x


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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7 Responses to Bushey Park and the Perma Frost

  1. kenny2dogs says:

    Again some nice pictures and funny ! lol looks like the young buck is on the horns of a delemer, should he run for it or reverse !! personally I would run like hell 🙂
    take care and be good Suki. x

    Rudolf the brown nosed Reindeer !!!

  2. michiko san says:

    Hi Suki,
    I think one has small horns thats must be female? it seems doesn’t matter how cold
    there and still chase female:-) but Swan trapped in the cold water they don’t noticed?
    I would thought the spring time is best way to do that LOL!
    Enjoy your day,

  3. Left home at 5am??!!! Oh no! no no no no!! That’s the middle of the night still…silly hour!! And -8! Made for some great photos tho…real wintry chill ones and those deer/stags are magnificent. With those antlers they look like reindeer…I guess the two in question…lol…were getting in some good practice for when rutting season starts!! Save any embarrassing mistakes when the times comes and one wishes to impress ones chosen female 😉 Some wonderful encounters in Bushey Park…be sure to go again soon! Wolfie is waiting 😉 x

  4. Super photographs and loved the little story line.
    Keep well,
    Kate xxx

  5. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki.
    a little tip. go to dashboard, appearance. click extras. then make it snow. good yea. now that is the kind of snow i like it doesn’t make you wet. lol

    • Great Kenny Thanks! I am still not using this site to its potential! How do I send a private massage ? and how do I view someones profile?

      Take care my friend Good st see you in such fine spirits enjoy the run up to Christmas!

      Susan x

  6. Jenni Alexander says:

    This is great Susan. First time I have had a look at it. Well done

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