An Evening Visit to London

A recent trip to London took us on a walk-about around the Thames area.  We arrived at Liverpool Street Station and our first stop was the Lloyds Building, now this is not the prettiest building in London but it is a one-off, very difficult to photograph and get everything in, so this is a vertical panorama stitched together in Photoshop. The hoarding reads ‘You are part of the bigger picture’.   Down then to Ledenhall Market which is a beautiful old building normally teaming with tourists and city workers but as this was a Sunday morning we only had the pigeons and a couple of sightseers share it with.

On reaching the Thames we turned left and made our way towards Tower Bridge, and wandered along the South Bank in the direction of Westminster. It was a bitterly cold day but this does not stop the ‘girls’ from getting out and about and enjoying them selves

On next to the millenium Foot Bridge with its wonderful view of St. Paul’s, this young man sat in front of us as we set up our tripods.  He was doing a good bit of business with the visitors, but after about half an hour he was relieved by a ‘colleague’ in a wheelchair  money changed hands and business continued.

On to our final destination and evening was drawing in we arrive at the London Eye and my venue for experimenting with low light photography. 

This is the view of the Eye from the foot bridge, the dot of light top right is an air craft.

This view includes the Palace of Westminster and the evening activity on the Thames.

We walked quite a long way that day and although we stopped for some food we were so pleased to get on the train home and relax.  It has not put us off doing it again so I hope you will join me again next time

Suki x



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4 Responses to An Evening Visit to London

  1. Hey Susan, loved your London visit, great photos.

  2. Hello Suki,
    some stunning pictures here. My favourite is the Ledenhall Market.
    Take care

  3. I don’t know…late again! Slappa whacka Wolfie!!… Hey! Not THAT hard 😉 I did enjoy our visit to London though 🙂 Had to wrap up in my Wolfie woolies but well worth it…great photos….that first one is my favourite…fantastic! Great use of panoramic…would have assumed you’d taken it that way 🙂 I like the low-light ones of the Eye…thought I’d taken some good ones of it along the way but oh nooo! Silly Wolfie 😉 Yours are pro ones! No comparison! Paws tapping impatiently waiting for “next time” 😉 x

  4. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki, Just popped in to wish you a wonderful Sunday, and what do I find. You have been visiting London again. Like the shot of st. paul’s and the eye. Hope to have a spin on it one day. Take care Suki x

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