Gray Nomads

In May we turned into Gray Nomads and took our Motor Home up North first stopping in Harrogate and to visit RHS Harlow Carr A beautiful garden probably I think the best of all the RHS gardens

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We arrived early and had breakfast at Betty’s the renown tea rooms a true experience visit there if you can



About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to Gray Nomads

  1. Ooooh! Good to know you listen to Wolfie’s demands! Lovely treat on a miserable Sunday (went out…brolly broke and was soaked to Wolfie skin before even arriving in town!) to find another Suki blog smiling out of my laptop at me 🙂 Loved that blue flower…lol….in your slideshow and that one through the circular entrance is cool….but all your shots are awesome and always a pleasure to view 🙂 … Wolfie x

  2. Michiko says:

    I saw your new post on “What new “this morning there I’m very happy to be in here.:-)
    LOVE the all gorgerous flowers in your slidshow that I enjoyed very much.
    Enjoy your day with your loved ones,

  3. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki. yes another treat to some lovely photo’s , I like the close up of the tulips they certainly fill the eye. Nice to know you are still out there loving your hobby. ” Gray nomads ” love it 🙂
    Take care Suki.
    Kenny x

  4. Kate Abbott says:

    stunning pictures Suki , your photography continues to inspire.
    Thanks for visiting the new foodblog and Im glad you found it.

  5. Wow, beautiful gardens.

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