Walking Windermere and Wool

The intention visiting the lakes was to walk on the fells and take in the beautiful scenery, more rain but it did not stop us walking to the top of an Iron Age fort where Peter stopped to do a bit of sketching and I wondered around looking for the best views. I was not disappointed, we could see the coast line in one direction andLake Windermerespread out before us on the other side.  Good job I had a pair of strong boots nice and comfy and water proof.

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I thought a good souvenir of the holiday would be some wool from a local sheep and it seems to be one of the main industries.  On the way back to Kendal we visited a ‘Tourist Trap’ Called ‘The Yew Tree Barn’ with all sorts of things that you didn’t know you wanted, but when I walked up stairs to the craft and art section I was faced a wall of knitting wool we were met my a lovely lady called Linda who knew all there was to know about yarn spinning and fleece.  She showed me some wool in various shades of brown and explained it was from a Jacob sheep (not local) but she had prepared and spun the fleece herself and showed me some cushions she had made from the wool. Of course that was it I had to have it, and of course what did I do with it yes knitted it up into cushions when I got home!


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4 Responses to Walking Windermere and Wool

  1. Hmm…did you bring back a wooly, meaty Jacob sheep for Wolfie??? 😉 Worked up quite an appetite when we did all that fell walking! And by the time we got to the top of that Iron Age Fort…well! Very fine pair of walking boots btw 🙂 and great views…Wolfie has sore paws tho…lol…so hope you knitted some wooly paw protectors alongside those cushions! … Wolfie x 🙂

  2. michiko san says:

    I would guess a different in your friend Wolfie:-)
    You might knitted for your grandchildren?

  3. Wow, Suki, you are really talented with those knitting needles. That is realy a beautiful area that you were visiting. Great photos.

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