Wool Gathering

Our travels for September took us to the West Country, but first stopping off in Hampshire for a Silver Wedding party and on to Dorset for a new hair do (my sis in law is a hairdresser) and a Birthday celebration.

Onwards then to Devon where we visited a lovely lady call Sharon http://www.fivemoons.co.uk/ who runs a company called Five Moons we visited her studio where she creates the most beautiful hand painted yarn.  Her studio was wall to ceiling wool and knitting of every conceivable type, lovely to see her and her work, she gave us a demo of how she treats the wool and of course I came away with some purchases.

Heres one I made earlier from Laceweight yarn

This is 4 ply

These are both Baby Alpaca, silk and cashmere, beautifully light and soft.

As we were close by we then visited Coldharbour mill which is a museum dedicated to the manufacture of wool.  Wonderful volunteer staff who explained the working of the mill and how children as young as five were set to work for a pittance. 


 Delightful shop and P said have what your want I will pay!!!…. Say no more a nod is a good as a wink! Well amongst other fibres I bought some carded wool tops, more about those later.


Undyed Merino

Carded Wool Tops

We parked the Motor home within a few minuets walk of a fantastic pub called the Hair and Hounds just outside Honiton they had a very comprehensive menu and also a cavery which was my meal of choice every night! We were able to use the local bus service to visit Honiton and Sidmouth. All to soon it was time to move on and make our way home, stopping at Chippenham to collect the spinning wheel I bought on EBay

Well here it is!

This is the flyer and as you can see there is some work going on!
This is the yarn made from the Carded Wool Tops I bought at Coldharbour!
So I am very pleased with my new toy and as you can see it will not be going back on Ebay.
Thank you very much Maxine and Gary for my lovely spinning wheel!

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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to Wool Gathering

  1. christinelaennec says:

    Wow I am very impressed with your spinning! And pretty jealous about your wee wool jaunt as well… 😉

  2. Wow great post. Love, love, LOVE the colourful wool and what you spun. So sad we don’t really do wool in this house as both daughter and hubby have eczema so I only get to have acrylics, bamboo or cotton.

  3. Oooh! Lovely lovely wool….is that a bluey tinge i notice winking at Wolfie? lol 😉 I trust I will find you hidden away in the Wildwoold complete with spinning wheel spinning away amongst the autumn woods?!! Don’t forget Wolfie’s little cashmere paw warmers either! Hope the birthday celebration went well too 🙂
    Tail wagging Wolfie hugs x 😉

  4. What a fantastic hobby you have chosen. It can become an art form. I do love the colors that you have shown us. Have lots of fun.

  5. michiko san says:

    Are you still enjoying your spinning wheel ? Loved the beautiful colorful wool Suki,
    I has not been post from August thought our blogs are not same as before…..
    hope you are well! and love to see your beautiful photos soon.

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