The Wild Life in Norfolk

We love Norfolk it is a wonderfully diverse county with plenty to do for all, so I was more than please when time for our Autumn break there came around.   We spent many holidays at West Runton at a caravan site called Ingleborough Fields  when our children were small and thought we would like to revisit and see how it had changed.  Well thankfully the toilet block had been refurbished LOL, but apart from that everything seemed to be as nature intended, a quiet woodland site next to a golf course and about 5 minutes walk into the vilage. 

Our first trip out was to Holkham thinking that we would visit the Hall, but when we got to the park it was so beautiful we spent the whole time walking around and enjoying the Fallow Deer who had just started the Rut .

Here are two young buck who were anoying the big daddy with there antics  but giving us a good show

And this little fellow thought he would keep out of their way for a bit.

I always love to go and see the seals on the beach when we visit Norfolk, we were a bit early for all the usual mating rituals (unlike the deer) The beach we go to requires a 40 min walk and it was blowing a gale so when we reached the beach we were well and truly sand blasted, well you pay good money at a beauty salon to have the top layer of skin peeled away! 

We were told by the locals that the seals had not arrived yet but when we got there we saw a couple cavorting in the shallow surf, when I set up the camera at the waters edge I am sure they were performing just for me and gave me a great show.

We retired to the sand dunes to eat our cheese french bread and drink the red wine, the Gray Nomads know how to live it up! 

The village of Sherringham is well known for ‘The Poppy Line’ a fully functioning steam railway.

 Trains run frequently during the Summer and as it was half term there were plenty of visitors.  It take about 2 hours to go to Holt and back stopping half way to refill the boiler with water.  All run by voulenteers, all very efficient would not let you on the train unless they saw your ticket no matter that they had just sold it to you 5 minutes before. 

 Any way lovely countryside along the coast and through the woodlands in the beautiful Autumn colurs.

End of October and the Motor home is put into storage for the winter, but fear not we shall find plenty to do in the coming months, watch out for our trip to Bushey Park and the Rut in full swing!

Thanks for stopping by

Suki x


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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4 Responses to The Wild Life in Norfolk

  1. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Suki.
    Great photo’s as ever. ” a quiet woodland site next to a golf course ” Mmmm…dont think that is what “Nature intended ” But it sounds like you had a lovely time of it as ever.
    I am feeling a lot better now and I am building up a head of steam, as I chuff chuff off around w/p playing catch up.
    Take care you lovely person you.
    Kenny x

  2. How very pleasing to know you will be busy prep’ing lots of new posts for us ;)…that will be inbetween creating my wooly Wolfie paw warmers will it? lol…I’m still waiting and my paws are frozen!!! You have some magnificent photos of the stags…I love that 1st one in particular and the antlers on the 3rd one!!! Did I also spot a red nose? 😉
    The seals are lovely too…look like they’re smiling for the camera!
    Wolfie x 🙂

  3. christinelaennec says:

    Your wildlife photos are amazing! We usually try to get out to the Cairngorms at this time of year to hear the deer bellowing out in the hills. It’s so eerie. Apparently they wander down into the villages sometimes as well and can be very bold.

  4. As usual ways your photos are fantastic that I enjoy seen all them especially two seals talks each other loved very much so sweet:-)
    The younger deer is a beautiful isn’t she? A good short!!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !!!

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