Bushey park and the Rut

Autumn is a beautiful time of year and this year the colours are exceptional!  It has been dry and mild, so we decided on a trip to Bushey Park to get some shots of the Deer Rutting.  We needed to get there early to get the best light and action, so I set my alarm for 4.30.

We arrived at 7 am just as they were opening the gates and as you can see it was just getting light and there was quite a bit of mist, but I think this adds to the atmosphere, this fine fellow was bellowing to show who was the boss.

Another stag answered the air was full of their bellowing.  These are Red Deer and Bushey Park is one of the Royal parks close to the Thames and a few miles from the centre of London.  As it got lighter the Autumnal colouring begins to show it’s self such a beautiful place.


The idea is to make themselves look as big and as fearce as possible so they decorate their antlers with the bracken.  This is just the begining these are just young buck vieing with each other and practicing for when they are big enough to tackle the ‘Leader of the pack’

They clash horns and also wallow in the mud hole, perhaps this makes them more attractive to the girls! 

But there is a genteler side here is a Fallow deer having a bit of attention from some Jackdaws.

The young does herd together and gossip about the boys antics

And some stags just sit quietly and bide their time!

Isn’t nature wonderful?  I feel so privaledged to be able to visit this place, even though it isn’t completley in the wild  they are not in captivity either.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to the park today if you did watch this space I have been out looking for a ‘Funguy’ ******** coming soon

Stay well and happy

Suki x



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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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6 Responses to Bushey park and the Rut

  1. plummymummy says:

    These are really beautiful photos. I think Autumn is the most photogenic season. I had no idea there were deer in Bushey park despite living in North London for most of my life…not far from Bushey at all.

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos and yes you did capture the atmosphere 😉 Wolfie poses something like that stag here on W/P when she wants to air her leader of the pack authority howl lol… I think it’s generally a pretty successful exercise!! Perhaps I should try decorating my ears with ice to ensure largeness fierceness in the face of challengers 😉 Although if they had antlers like the Bushey Park stags I’d be running lol very very fast!! They are magnificent creatures and I love the way you contrasted the warring ‘boys’ with the gentle little does…they were so cute! Fantastic visit to the Park thanks…Watching this space 😉
    Wolfie hugs x

  3. Love your photos of the Deer and the park is awesome,

  4. christinelaennec says:

    Those are just stunning photographs, Susan. I can hear their bellowing!

  5. kenny2dogs says:

    Hello Suki.
    Love the photographs. The fellow with his head protruding from the dead bracken is my fav. Yes I can hear them baying, moaning and bellowing, bit like I used to be at weekends in town lol.
    Take care my lovely friend
    Kenny x

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