Just before Christmas I bought a dried up old bulb of an Amaryillis from a supermarket, and with a little TLC this is what we all need.ImageImageImagel need it bloomed.Image

We had weeks of pleasure.  Now it has died down and we have but a memory …..untill next year when with any luck it will bloom again

Suk ix


About brentwoodprop

Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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7 Responses to Amaryillis

  1. Fantastic Suki and I’m sure you must have been overjoyed. Stunning photographs too.

  2. christinelaennec says:

    I could smell that lily from here – magic in more ways than one! Thank you.

  3. kenny2dogs says:

    Hi Suki my lovely friend. It won’t let me comment in the normal way so I have to wish you happy birthday under Christine’s comment. Anyway hope you have had a lovely day. Your pics are brilliant, could almost eat them.
    Take care Suki
    Kenny x

  4. meispatch says:

    Hello Suki, Happy belated Birthday! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Scrambled Megs says:

    Lovely photos! I only wish I could take such great pics. Hope you’re well x

  6. You should have no problem next year about this time, for the Amaryllis to bloom. Just leave it in the window and let the leaves soak up the light. In spring when there is no more frost, you can put it outside in semi shade to grow. You can even plant it in the garden, and then bring it back indoors in the fall just before frost. Let the pot dry out and the green leaves will go brown and dry up. Leave it in a dark area untill Christmas and then bring it out into the light then water it normaly and give it a little plant food, about once a month or even once every 6 weeks. In summer give it plant food once every 2 weeks and water as needed.

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