The forces of Nature 2/363

No special plans for today so a trip around the garden to see what Mother Nature has been up to!Garden January 001

This beautiful fern usually dies right back in winter to renew in the spring but here it is green and healthy, never the less when we get another cold spell it will shrink back into the ground. Garden January 010

Lottie Hobbie the minature Fuchsia is doing very well in the green house, cuttings given to me by Meryl in the Summer, from a plant grown from cuttings given to her by me a few years ago.   Garden January 016

I see that down in the Wildwood the Helebours are begining to awaken, pushing their way through the mass of rotting leaves that protect them.  We will return to them in a few weeks to see how they are doing! IMG_4187

And Oh Yes those naughty squirrels are at it again trying to steal the bird food when they have plenty of their own see how fat he is.


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Just loving life, carrying my camera and searching for beauty!
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5 Responses to The forces of Nature 2/363

  1. Hi Susan, Love the green foliage of this post. Do you have any snow? We have tons of snow here. We finaly got some warm weather ( 0C degrees) hope it lasts for a while. I here you have had tons of rain last year. Hope this years give you more sun and warmth.

    • Hi Horst, thanks for the comment! It is quite mild hear at the moment about 10-15 dec, so no snow but yes it has been very wet the roads were flooded on Christmas day and we had to take lots of diversions to get to our daughters house. Hope you had a good Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year


  2. Naughty little squirrels! Yeeeaaaaah! Such cheery little creatures 🙂 And lovely refreshing flowers and greenery on these dark wintry days… Talking of squirrels one of the guys at my workplace is having fun with naughty little squirrel in his garden pinching all the fat-balls he puts out for the birds! He is adamant he is going to shoot it! Somehow I think the squirrel is way to smart to get caught out that way! lol 🙂

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